Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Big Sister's Wedding Festivities, part 1

Sara's wedding was a little over 3 weeks ago and it was a great weekend.  I have a lot of pictures to share so I am splitting this up into two posts.

Our cousin Jere came home from his deployment only about 2 weeks before the wedding, so luckily he was able to make it out for the special occasion.  Here he is hanging out with Kalea as we were loading up the cars to drive down to Temecula.
We had the rehearsal the day before the wedding and I just love this picture.  Colleen is on the left making one of her usual faces and Heather is standing in for Jacque on the right with a wonderful look on her face.
Kristin, Katie, and I 
Adam made quite a few faces during the rehearsal, he was having a great time!
John making one of his many faces, Pat with Kalea and Danny during the rehearsal.
Adam's mom Lucy, Jere's fiance Kate, Aunt Carol, and Gma hanging out while we practice the wedding.
The Rehearsal Lunch crowd.
Sara with my parents
I love her guest book.  She ordered it on Etsy and it is so cute!  
Our cousin Katie's son Forrest was the ring bearer and my mom made him a super-hero cape...he loved it!
Kalea and Sara taking a picture break during the wedding day prep.
Unlike at my brother's wedding, Kalea managed to take a pretty good nap before the festivities began.
Jere escorted Gma down the aisle in his dress blues.  Now that I am going through these pictures, I see that our family sure does like to make funny faces when taking pictures!
Colleen during the ceremony on the right, and Jacque with her daughter Aydan walking down the aisle.
Kalea and I walking down the aisle.
Our Dad walking his first born down the aisle
Adam waiting for his bride-to-be.  Notice the flower ball hanging behind him, my sister made those and they turned out so pretty.  There were supposed to be 9 of them hanging from the gazebo, but the site didn't have a ladder tall enough so they had to put some of them on the steps.  It still looked pretty though.
Colleen, Jacque, Kristin, Katie, and me all lined up during the ceremony.
Forrest relaxing on the steps eating his popcorn during the ceremony.
They are almost married!
Getting ready to take formal group pictures after the was pretty cold that night!
Thanks to my Uncle David for taking the pictures during the ceremony, and a lot of the reception ones still to come.  The next post will be from the reception...  there are some really cute ones of Aydan and Forrest on the dance floor!

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