Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2 months!

Kalea had her 2 month check-up:

8 pounds, 9.6 ounces (5th %)
22.1 inches (50th %)
15 inches head circumference (35th %)

At 5 weeks she was:
7 pounds, 7 ounces
20.75 inches
14 inch head

She is growing right on target for her size and doing great.  The poor girl had to have three shots and take an oral immunization.  She was a real trooper!  She really hated the last shot since her face went bright red as she screamed.  She quickly calmed down thankfully and didn't have any real tears yet.  She did have a slight temperature that night but it has gone away.

We love Kalea so much and can't believe how quickly she is changing.  She feels heavier every day and seems to become more and more aware every time she plays.

We had a first to record in her baby book as she smiled at us for the first time on Friday, February 10th.  She was just waking up from a quick nap in her cradle and we were both talking to her and she smiled at us.  It was the best feeling in the world.  She has the most adorable smile!  We didn't get a picture of her first smile, but we did capture it a week later as she was enjoying her current favorite...a spinning monkey.  

She loves to watch the monkey spin around.  When it stops she starts "talking" until we start it again.  It is so fun to watch her play and enjoy everything around her.  I can't wait to continue watching her grow and learn.  

Here are a few more pictures from this little photo shoot I had.

Last Friday night Pat and I wanted to get out of the house.  We decided to do our usual Friday night date night and head on over to Barnes & Noble.  We love looking through all different kinds of books while drinking a coffee.  It is very relaxing and a nice change of scenery.

Here is Kalea as she fell asleep on Pat's shoulder.

We are excited to make this a family excursion as Kalea gets older and instill in her a love for reading like we both have.

Finally, here are her 2 month photos in the same Minnie Onesie.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Padres baseball here we come!

And by that I mean, Padres baseball to watch the Phillies and we come!  Last season, we bought a special 10-game pack of tickets for the Padres, and with that we watched all 4 games the Phillies played in San Diego.  It was such a fun experience, especially since it was part of a season where we were undefeated in the games we watched. 

With that plan, we were put on the radar as potential season-ticket holders.  We were invited for a private tour of the ball park, and it was amazing.  Here we are in the press box looking towards where the tv/radio announcers sit to watch the game.

Looking out at the ball park with the view the press has.

Pat and Kalea

Family shot right behind home plate in the "Sony" club section...$30,000 dollar a seat season tickets!

In the visitors dugout...we went there instead of the Padres since we cheer for the Phillies when they are in town.

Pat getting to ring the bullpen calling for a Leftie!

Sitting on the steps our favorite players run up 4 times a season

Kalea's first time at a ballpark and she gets to "walk" on the dirt! 

We finished our tour walking underneath the park and right by the entrance to the Padres clubhouse!
We ended up buying one seat for a quarter season ticket.  They are super flexible and we will get to take the 21 games we have a seat to and trade the tickets for all of the games we want to go to while still getting the same seating section at a great price.  We are planning on going to all 4 Phillies games in April and the 3 Angels games in May.  We will have seats for 3 more games after that, but we can use their value to upgrade our seats to really close to the field for a few games!  We are so excited this worked out and can't wait for some great baseball this season!

Pics, East Coast love, and V-day

Here are some more pics I wanted to share.  

 She doesn't fit in this next outfit anymore lengthwise, so it has been retired to the bin for later children.

Luckily, my cousin Natalie flew out all the way from Massachusetts for a visit and she got in some quality Kalea time.  She was so kind to buy her some adorable Hurley onesies that I can't wait for her to fit in.

 Comfortable in Teri's arms again.  Kalea also got to meet my cousin Julie and family friend Liz.

 Some Daddy love...

And, finally some pics of Kalea in her Valentine's outfits. This first is from Pat's cousin Tricia.

Taking pics during tummy time.

And her outfit from Mom Mom and Pop Pop.  Still a little big, but so cute! 

This I got the idea from on Pinterest...I meant to do this as a surprise for Pat on Valentiene's Day, but she wasn't having it.  I barely got this done with his help.  The poor girl was balling when I had the paint on her hand and kept making a fist.  Pat took a video of it.  I hope she doesn't end up hating arts and crafts because of this! =/

Our little girl will be 2 months old tomorrow and I can't believe it!  We are going in for her 2 month check-up later today and I can't wait to see how much she has grown in 3 weeks.  I will hopefully have a chance to update on here with stats tomorrow.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Random pics

I figured it was about time to update on here.  I have so many pictures to share so I thought I would just  do it over a few posts.  

Here is Kalea getting to know her new animal friends.

Baby booty!!!

She loves her baths but hates getting out.

While waiting for Pat to finish working in Del Mar, I decided to take Kalea to watch her first sunset. 

She slept through it but did get some sun!

Relaxing on Daddy's chest is her favorite place to fall asleep.

Super Bowl Sunday also happened to be my 29th birthday. My Aunt and Uncle came by and got to meet Kalea for the first time.  Here is Teri with Kalea.  She is just realizing that she is hungry.

Here is Ron relaxing with her.

And here is my birthday cupcakes decorated as a football field, made by my sister.