Thursday, July 15, 2010

Visiting Jere

Quite a bit has happened these last couple of months, and whether it was due to laziness, or just a busy schedule; I have a few updates to make. I wanted to start with our trip we took to visit my cousin Jere in Virginia back in May (I should not take me 2 months!). He is in the navy and stationed in Norfolk on the U.S.S. Porter. We have both lived on the east coast for a little while but have never had a chance to meet up. Pat had already finished school and I took a sick day to make it a long weekend. Besides visiting with my cousin, we also were lucky enough to spend one day with his adorable son, Christopher!

Lucky us, we had a personal tour of a U.S. Navy Destroyer! It was such a great tour! Here is a big portion of the ship from the deck

The boys early in the tour

Pat in the captain's chair! He loved hamming it up for me.

Chris playing at one of Jere's stations

A look down the hallway standing in Jere's section.

I like this shot with the was such a beautiful day!

We also had a chance to go ice skating and watch Jere play some hockey, which he recently picked up. I warn you, the next picture is very awkward looking. Pat has never been ice skating before so I was helping him just after he started...he got a lot better by the end of the day!

Christopher didn't get to go skating with us but he did get to go on the ice in his sneakers after Jere's game-he loved it! He is wearing one of Jere's hockey undershirts here.

Watching the hockey game-so cute!

Father and son together after the game! We had such a great time. He also took us to a flight simulator where we got to fight with F-16's. Yours truly was pronounced the winner by the way! The only way I was able to win was that Jere let Chris fly for him...but still I was the only girl and I won! Also worth a mention was the great bar-b-q we had at a restaurant called Smokey Bones. Soooo good! I think it will only be topped by our upcoming road trip through Memphis. I only wish we had time for a few more visits before we move back west-thanks Jere for the great trip!