Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So Long "4SOU222" =(

The time has finally come for me to become an official California resident again.  With that, I had the privilege of spending 2.5 hours at the DMV today, lucky me!  It really wasn't too bad considering I needed my license, registration, and title all done in one shot.  

When I moved to NJ back in 2006, I had a feeling that Pat and I would someday move back west.  When it came time for me to register my car out there, I made sure to hold on to both of my plates thinking I would be able to use them once I was a CA resident once again.  Boy, was I wrong!

A little side note is needed here...I know it might seem crazy to post about the loss of my car's plate.  The thing is this was the plate to my first car, the one I have had since graduating high school.  My plate just had a certain flow to it and it was easy to remember.  Who wouldn't love "4 Sou (like Sue) 222!?"  I kept both plates in the trunk of my car for over 4 years just for the purposes of today.  So, it was a bit of a let down to know that it would no longer be my plate.

**Just received my new plates (March 22), and I may have exaggerated a bit on the below paragraph...oops!  Normal Cali plate for me!
Another horrible part of this is I now will have a plate that no longer fits the typical California car license plate.  For those of you who don't know, a Cali plate typically has had one number, three letters, then three numbers.  It was unique to California and now I will no longer be a part of that.  The new system has 5 numbers, one letter, one number...How boring!!!  So in honor of my long, lost it is.

The exciting part of today was getting a California license again.  It is kind of weird to have a "Temporary" paper license again.  I feel like I am a teenager again not having a "real" license.  (though I am not complaining!)  The good news is the CA DMV did allow me to keep my DL number I had 4 years ago...thank goodness!  Now the only difference is I will get the spiffy (that's right, I said spiffy!) new license with fluorescent pics, raised signatures, and whatever else they came up with.  Too bad I have to wait 30-60 days for it.  Here is my temporary license, with the important info blocked out. =)

So, finally I am officially a Californian again and can now will be able to prove it in about a month, with a real id that is!  

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where we have been...

I guess it is about time that I updated on here. I always imagine myself accomplishing way more then I usually do...and making my life seem more interesting on here is one of those things. =) I think I have to get used to the idea that I can't always be the most creative person; but I can get myself in the habit of regular updates on here. Someday, we want to start a family and my main intent for starting this blog was looking to the future and being able to keep family everywhere up-to-date on what is happening with our family and our future children. It is also a way that I can share our adventures and experiences, while also being a great way to record our life together. So with that in mind, I guess I should update whomever reads this on what we have been up to these last 2 months!

FYI: if you are really just interested in pics, scroll down camera is finally in use!

For Christmas we were lucky enough to fly back east for the holiday and spend some much needed time with family and friends. It was a very nice trip, and I think it was much needed for a some-what home sick husband. Don't get me wrong, he loves living in California, but there is just something about home for him that he needs every so often (and I completely understand-living away from California for 4 years was tough at times!)

Christmas in New Jersey meant parties with friends (and the annoying drama that goes along with it-so ready for it to end!), play time with some great kids next door, sitting around the dinner table talking with Linda, Christmas eve with the Nocito family, shoveling that darn snow (why couldn't it wait just two more days!), and exploring the city of Philly on a crisp December day.

The holiday season continued once we returned to California. My family is awesome, especially my mother. She knows how much I love Christmas morning; there is just something about family traditions that are difficult to let go. She made her famous cheese bread and had me make fresh hot cocoa in order to recreate the morning for us. It was such a wonderful feeling to know she did that just for us! Love you mom.

We were also lucky enough to spend time with my cousins, especially Jere who is in the Navy stationed in Virgina. It worked out that we were able to have Christmas with all of my cousins, which is always a good time. There is nothing like my Uncle David's chili and homemade tamales for a Christmas dinner. Even better, we got to make the tamales which always make them taste better.

The present I loved most this Christmas was a collective effort from a few people (thank you all!) and one which I can't wait to use more. I finally have a fabulous DLSR camera! I have always loved photography but my lack of quality equipment makes it difficult to pursue. I think this might also be part of the lack-of=post problem I am having! Well, I brought my camera with me and spent my time on my beautiful cousin Aydan. She is adorable and I really couldn't get enough of her! So here are a few of my favorite first pics of her...

Opening a gift she obviously loves

She plays with her ears when she is cute!

G-ma enjoying her beautiful Great granddaughter

So happy...

A ham for the camera!

Aydan and her Mema a.k.a. Aunt Carol

"Aunt" Sara and Aydan...we feel more like her Aunts then cousins =)
I LOVE my new camera!!!

For New Year's Eve we celebrated with my dad's side with our Kiser Christmas and a specilal party for my Great Aunt and Uncle's 60th Anniversary!!! It was a great time and I loved finally seeing many cousins I haven't seen since we got married. New babies, meeting significant others, and Skyping from Australia with Megan! It was so much fun ringing in the New Year with family.

One piece of the family puzzle that was missing was my brother and his Fiance, newly engaged New Year's Eve! Woohoo John and Kristin =) My first time as a bridesmaid will be in their wedding, so excited for them!

Another fun event was girl's weekend in Vegas the first weekend in January. It was so nice to have everyone there, plus we got in a farewell to Jere, a hello to John, and some quality time with Kristin. Not much happened in terms of winning, but we had a wonderful time, as always!

The group, minus the photographer enjoying a great breakfast at "Hash House a Go-Go"

The delicious "S'more latte"

Catching G-ma making a face!

After the whirl-wind past month, Pat and I needed to just be at home and live a normal life. That is basically what we have been doing since then. It has been nice living in California, especially these last couple weeks where the temp has been in the 70-80's and sunny. You can't ask for more then that in January! I am even amazed that trees are already blossoming (man I should get on that with my camera!)

The last thing I need to update is our newest goal/change of life style. We have found a wonderful gym ($10 each per month!) which is brand new and amazing. We have started goals for weight loss and eating healthier. And no, this isn't our new year's resolution...we actually signed up for the gym in November, it just didn't open until January. So far so good, 3-4 times a week for the last 2 weeks. I won't mention weight of course, but we have both lost about 4 pounds each...the healthy way!

Hope you enjoyed the ever so long update! Please pester me if I don't do this for awhile so I don't have to group so many things at once next time! Until next time!