Thursday, June 30, 2011

12 weeks and great gifts

So I have had a crappy couple of days and needed to refocus myself for a bit.  This post has been long needed.

I just wanted to show some pics of the wonderful gifts Pat and I have already received for our baby.

First is the most recent gift (more for me then baby).  My cousin Katie sent me a wonderful book all about the science of a developing baby with really great pics.  I have really enjoyed reading all about what is going on inside of me.  She also included in my package a few copies of "Fit Pregnancy" which are also greatly appreciated!!! Thanks Katie!

On our trip back to New Jersey in early May, we bought ourselves a little baby gift.  Of course it had to be for the phillies!!!

 ...and of course Pat's favorite player.  So cute!!!

And while we were in Kauai, we picked up another baby shirt that was a reminder of his/her first family vacation!

Right after we started telling everyone, my girl scout leader, Linda, dropped off a gift for us at my parents house.  Love it!  Thanks again Linda!

And finally, the gift we bought for both of our mom's on Mother's Day.  This is how we told them they were going to be grandparents.  

So I am into my 12th week and still feeling really good.  Lots of problems however with insurance, but I finally have my first real appointment.  I am hoping I will get to have an ultrasound, or at the very least hear the heartbeat!