Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Happenings of Month 3

It has been a wonderful 3rd month for Kalea.  She is getting so big so fast.  She finally started to really fit in her 0 - 3/3 month clothes which I have been enjoying putting her in.  Along with the trip to Vegas I previously posted about, quite a few things have been going on.  She has now begun smiling a lot more.  She first smiled in month 2, but now she smiles readily.  She loves people talking to her, especially when the say "hi!"  She gives some pretty darn cute smiles now-adays.  I love seeing them anytime I want.

I returned to work the beginning of the month.  It has been a pretty good transition, especially since she gets to go to work with me.  Pat takes her on Wednesdays and picks her up early Fridays so it works out nicely with her there only 2.5 days during the week.  So far so good!  

Going back to work helped make it necessary for us to get her to fall asleep on her back.  Before she would just wake herself up within 5 minutes of being put on her back.  I was really worried about how it would go at work, but somehow all it took was me needing to work and she fell asleep without really any fuss at all.  

She of course still enjoys her favorite sleeping position...on Daddy. Seeing this picture really makes me realize how big she has gotten already...
Especially when compared to this one from her first month!  Wow!
 I had another photo shoot.  This time I was sure to get in some of those cute baby hands
 and bubbles!
 And on a hot, sunny day, she was finally able to put on her cute little shorts and top outfit.
 At 11 weeks, on March 8th, Kalea reached a milestone.  She was on her last day of having a weight in the single digits!  She weighed in at 9 pounds, 15 ounces!  I decided to go home and take some cute pics of her.  This one I tried from a different angle and she looks so big to me!
 Falling asleep like a champ on her giraffe!
 Here she is after watching a cute video Mom Mom made for her from Hawaii.  Love it!
Sleeping on Grampa when he came down for a visit.  
 Pat and I love March Madness and we fill out brackets every year.  So of course Kalea needed to have her own bracket.  For this Pat did a coin flip for each match up.  You can tell Kalea was eagerly awaiting every outcome! =)
 Another first for Kalea was going to her very first sporting event.  We went to watch Pat coach the first home game of the season for Fallbrook High Lacrosse.  She slept almost the entire time but she enjoyed being cuddly and warm in moms arms.
 A recent happening for Kalea over the last couple weeks has been her ability to easily find her fingers.  She has always had her hands by her face but they would just be balled up in a fist.  Now she can almost readily find her fingers and put them in her mouth for easy comfort.  She hasn't decided which fingers she likes best yet.  Accompanying this is the rubbing of the back of her head with her right arm.

As you can see her she is going for at least 3 fingers...
 Here she is again with two...
 And again with two different ones.
This month has brought on better head control.  She is getting better and better every day.  About the last 2 weeks she has also started to have a little independence.  No longer can we just put her on our shoulders and cuddle with her.  If she is not tired, she wants to sit-up!  I figured I should bring out the Bumpo chair to see how close she was to being ready for it.

As you can see, we still have some time to wait.  Even if she holds her head up 100% of the time, right now she is just too small for it.
 A very exciting event happened on her first St. Patrick's Day.  Her Aunt Sara found her wedding dress!  She happily came along for the dress shopping girls day and was very good for the entire thing. We picked out an especially cute outfit for the occasion.  Unfortunately not too long after she decided to have a nice spit-up day and we had to change her.  At least we got a picture in!
 She spent a lot of the time with G-ma
 Here are some more of the girls waiting for Sara to come out in the next dress.
 She got to be held by her oldest cousin of her generation, Aydan, with Jacque. 
 We did get a picture of her in a St. Patrick's day outfit, but not on my camera.  It is on Pat's phone I believe.  We have so many more pictures on our phones that we need to transfer to the computer.  Someday it will get done!

We put on the cute butterfly short outfit one more time because I forgot I had already taken pictures of her in it.  Cute little butterfly booty!!!
 Love this girl!
 Another pose with Gramma.  She is getting bigger by the day, but some 3 month clothes are still way too small on her.  These pants are the right length for our super tall cutie, but she isn't quite filling out the waist.  On to month 4!  

Thursday, March 22, 2012

3 months already

I have quite a few pictures since my last post, so hopefully I will be able to share what Kalea has been up to since our trip to Vegas soon.  

I decided to take it upon myself to figure out her measurements for this month since she doesn't have a doctors appointment until 4 months.  I used the shipping scale at work and measuring tape at home.  She is now 11 pounds and 23.5"  She seems longer and longer every day.  

Some recent trends I am going to share with pictures in the next post.  One of her likes not in a picture is her new affinity for wanting to sit up and not lay on our shoulders.  She is fussy unless we let her try to sit herself upright, although most of the time she just ends up with her head leaning forward.  She will even get upset when we try to support her head a bit.  I can't believe how independent she is already.

Here are some pictures in her 12 month Minnie onesie once again.  Enjoy!

 This next one I love
 And finally an exhausted baby after letting Mommy take tons of pictures.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

First trip to Vegas

Last weekend we finally had a chance to drive up to Vegas to visit my brother and his fiance in their new house.  It also happened to work out that Pat's parents were going to be in town for a few days as well.  They were so excited to get in some more time with their Granddaughter.

Since my brother and his fiance were both working anyway, we decided to join Mom mom and Pop pop  in a trip to visit the Hoover Dam.  I don't remember ever going when I was younger and Pat has never been.  We decided to take the Dam tour (hehe), but we could only take the shorter one since we had Kalea with us.  Here we are waiting in line with Kalea snug in the Baby Bjorn.

Thank goodness for Mom mom, I forgot my camera at my brother's house.

It was a beautiful day!

Mom mom loved snuggling with her and multi-tasking as she fed her while we toured through the museum.

Kalea is right on the state line and in two time zones at once.  In her 2nd and 3rd state and only 2 months old.

This is a beautiful shot of the new "Pat Tillman" bridge.

A candid shot taken by my mother-in-law.

We stayed at my brother's house and he was kind enough to invite Pat's parents over for dinner.   Here is Mom mom getting some loving in.

Uncle John and Aunt Kristin watching Kalea play.

I love this shot of them...

After Vegas, we decided to drive to my Aunt's house in Ridgecrest to visit my cousins.  Jere was in town on leave before he is deployed later this month so I really wanted to see him.  It was nice seeing him again and meeting his girlfriend.  We also enjoyed watching all of the Great Grandchildren.    Can't wait until we can have all of Gma's Great Grandchildren together...we just need Hunter from Texas.  Here is Kalea with Owen who is 5 months older then her.  He is a big boy and so cute!

My cousin Colleen and her boyfriend, Tyler, did a great job managing all 3 of the babies.  Aydan is 2 1/2, Owen is 7 months, Kalea 2 months.

It was such a great trip, but it wasn't over yet.  We then went to my parents house where we had two birthdays to celebrate.  My friend Jen was celebrating her 7th Leap Birthday with a surprise party and my sister was having her Birthday dinner that same night.  So fun, but lots of driving over 5 days.  We were exhausted once we finally got home, but it was well worth it.