Sunday, May 9, 2010

CA wedding, cats, and space bag

I was lucky enough to make a quick weekend trip to California for a friends wedding. This was definitely some much needed time off from school, I was able to use personal days to make it a 5 day trip. There really is nothing like going home and just being able to relax.
Of course finally having In-n-out and Miguel's after 3 months just hits that home-sick spot just right. I think Miguel's might actually be at the top of my list of foods to have when I get home. (even over in-n-out!) When you don't have the opportunity to eat the Mexican food you grew up with, it really takes precedence over anything else.

After a wonderful Saturday spent with my family, I had my friend Thanhthuy's wedding to attend on Sunday down in Mission Bay, San Diego. I have been lucky enough to know Thuy since 7th grade. We were friends all through high school and were even roommates our freshman year of college. I am so glad I was able to make it out for her wedding (using a free flight I have earned). Here are few shots from her wedding.
Her brother and sister walked her down the aisle part of the way.
They both are wonderful they are having two chimes join in song as one
What a beautiful cake!
Denise and I (another friend we met in college)
The beautiful bride and I

Now on to our cats. These two are our "kids" and I just can't help taking pictures of them, especially when they are nice to each other and lay together. We celebrate Gizmo's birthday on Cinco de Mayo so she is now 8 years old! I can't believe how fast it has gone. She was born the end of my freshman year of college and has been my cat ever since.
Here is a great one of Tigger. She LOVES bags and somehow managed to turn this one into her own personal cape. "What?" She just laid there for so long looking at us like we were the crazy ones. = )
And finally, a great invention I can't wait to use more of. I recently purchased the "space bag." We have so much stuff and not very much storage space. I have here the trial run of our attempt to clean up our bulky winter stuff. In the piles are a winter coat for each of us, a regular coat, 3 sweaters, 8 beanies, gloves, and 4 scarves.
I fit everything but the scarves and one sweater in the bag. Here it is with most of the air sucked out. I had to open it and work it again, but you get the idea of how much space we will save. I can't wait to try it on more things!