Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Baby Shower #3 aka I am one lucky girl!

This past Sunday i was lucky enough to have a shower thrown by my mom and sister.  My mom's side of the family, and my friends were all invited to help us celebrate Kalea's expected arrival in almost 4 weeks.  We didn't take too many pictures, but I did have my friend take some while I opened gifts.  

Here is an adorable diaper wreath from Elizabeth.
 And a wonderful rocking swing from Gma, Aunt Carol, Jacque, and Colleen.
 My mom has been busy making a crib quilt for the nursery and here is the top.  I will get it quilted later this week.  She is also in the process of making a twin quilt for the guest bed in her bedroom.  I love it!
 A Lillibridge family quilt made just for Kalea.  All of the women in my life on my mom's side, plus Mom mom Linda and Aunt Kristin contributed.
 Linda had Kalea's name embroidered on the bunny jacket of this teddy bear!  It is so cute!  I am so glad I will be able to tell Kalea that my second mom had this made just for her.
 I loved all of the wonderful gifts everyone gave us.  I had a great time today organizing it and putting it away in the nursery for now.  Thank you all so much!  That goes for everyone at all three of the showers.  We are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives.

Now for some of the decorations.  I took pictures when the shower was winding down.  It was darker so the flash had to be used.  We used the tutu my mom gave me at the last shower and put the Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals inside it as part of our table decorations.
 The dessert table.  My mom made the cupcake stands that are stacked in the middle of the table.  They turned out beautiful and will be useful for many years to come.  We had strawberry cupcakes with strawberry frosting, Lemon cupcakes with vanilla frosting, and vanilla cake pops.  Delicious!
 We should have taken more photos with all of the guests, but again, we were slackers.  I am waiting for a picture with the Girl Scouts that is on someone else's camera.  I was at least able to take a pic with my friend Cheryl and her almost 1 year old son, Liam.  We have been friends since the middle of first grade when I moved into the house across the street from her family.  Her son is so adorable!
 Here is a shot of Kalea's room with a lot of the gifts stacked up and awaiting a more permanent location.  Thanks to everyone for helping us get ready for her arrival!
 I wanted to highlight the beautiful quilt put together by Gma Nancy.  We wanted a Winnie the Pooh themed quilt and I couldn't wait to see how it turned out.  Everyone did such a great job.  
 On the back, Gma included a quilt label that has everyone's names on it in the order their square is on the quilt.  I know she will cherish this quilt forever.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

33 week sneak peek

When Pat's parents were in town, we were able to go in for a 3D/4D Ultrasound.  It was such a great experience to share that with my in-laws.  I am so happy they were able to experience a little part of the pregnancy and get a sneak peek at their granddaughter.  

We went when I was 32 weeks, 5 days.  The prime time is by the end of the 31st week, so we were getting to the stage of her getting more cramped.  On top of this, she decided to hang out by my pubic bone while snuggled against the placenta.  This made for a difficult time for our tech as she tried to get us a good shot.  It was a wonderful experience regardless of how clear the pictures turned out.  I am happy I was able to see our little one again plus I love that we didn't get the best clear picture so she will still be a  bit of a surprise as to how she looks.  

We were told that she has chubby cheeks, full lips, and a cute button nose.  Of course, that is how I picture all babies!  Gma looked at the photos and said she has the "Buchner" chin which she would get from my Grandpa on my mom's side.  She also seems to still have gigantic feet and maybe even Pat's thumb.  It is so fun to guess what traits she will inherit from both sides of the family.  

Now that I am closing in on my 35th week, (what!?) the reality of our baby girl arriving is coming up fast.  We have taken a few classes and are in the middle of the "lamaze" class.  We have a car seat, stroller, diapers, and clothes.  If she decides to come early, I like to think we are prepared enough with the basic supplies, that we wouldn't have to worry.  Now we just need to pack our hospital bags and let her cook a little longer!

Here she is a little over 2 weeks ago!  This is the best picture of the bunch.