Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Random happenings

In the spirit of trying to get myself back on track with updating, I wanted to share some random pictures of the kids from the last few months.  Just a little glimpse into the ever-changing personalities and growth of my little loves.  This will be very random, I hope you enjoy!

Kalea loves to snuggle with her "animal friends".  When I remember to help her make her bed, she loves to line them all up just-so.  She told me she didn't have any room for her so her bear had to sit on her lap.
Landon is very much into cars recently.  Half the time it is calm play, the other half he is crashing/throwing/banging the cars.  Here he was at least calm for awhile during Daddy's lacrosse team banquet.
At the same time, we havenight Kalea playing and you can see how her organized self likes to play.  This is usually followed by " On your mark, get set, go!"
Luckily for me, both of the kiddos have shown interest in helping me clean.  Here they are helping me sweep.
Both of the kids LOVE going to our community park.  We are almost there and they both decided to stand and point the way.
Every once in awhile, we get some quality time with my niece, Emma.  I had to share one picture I took of her at around 3 months old. Uncle Pat is so good at putting babies to sleep, he is our baby whisperer.
Landon is a shoe fanatic.  A lot of mornings it is the first word out of his mouth.  He will bring people their shoes so he will get to go outside.  Some mornings I have woken up with my sandals waiting for me on my bed.  He also loves to put on everyone else's shoes.  He has gotten pretty good at walking around in my gigantic shoes.
Love these cuties!  They love blueberries.
"Mom, take a picture of me like this!"
We are so lucky to live so near an amazing zoo.  We love to take short 2 hour trips to see just a handful of animals.  This trip we spent some time watching the elephants, too bad I didn't get a picture with one in the background :)
My little goofball!  He loves using his popper to make lots of noise and scare the cats.
We spent the Spring missing Daddy a lot.  He was the assistant varsity lacrosse coach at a local high school.  The kids loved going to the games every once in awhile so they could see him in action. Here Landon is pointing to Daddy on the field.  "Daddy!"  Landon loved all the girls on the team and they loved him.
Landon definitely plays hard and with that he hasn't been able to stay awake through lunch in recent weeks.
Here is another one showing the kids playing during a lacrosse game.  They also loved climbing all over the bleachers.
Right before Easter, Landon had his first haircut.  He did a great job!
Every once in awhile our kids get some great cousin time in.  Here is a picture from a couple of months ago when Kalea got to play at the park with Aydan.  They had a blast!  I wish we could spend a lot more time with all of our cousins.
"Mommy, take a picture of me with Olaf!" A phrase I hear quite often.
Lots of love from all of us!