Thursday, August 12, 2010

Moving and Phillies

The time has finally come for Pat and I to move back to California (well back for me at least!) We have had a great summer hanging with friends and family, visiting some great places, and just enjoying the summer. Along the way we packed up most of our life (but Pat still has quite a few things that will have to be left at his parents house). I can not believe how much stuff we own...a lot of it can probably be classified as junk. We basically packed stuff up all summer and started stacking it in the dining room of our apartment.

This picture is about when we were half way done...

The last few days the poor kitties have gone through periods of unrest as they realized something was going on. Here is Tigger in one of her many hiding spots as she adjusted to each change.

One problem with moving is figuring out what to do with unused food that you don't want to go to waste. After we finished packing up the entire kitchen, Pat decided he wanted to finish off his "Gadzooks" ice cream (it is so good with peanut butter brownie pieces). Well, when you don't have any silverware you are usually left to use whatever you can find. Luckily he was able to find a serving tong to use...pretty funny!

To get away from all the moving stuff, we decided to go to one last Phillies game this last Tuesday. They played the Dodgers (bummer of a game though losing 15 to 9) which I thought was very apropos for our upcoming move. We did also get a chance to watch the Angels play in Baltimore. Just a little bit of California before we leave the east coast! We took full advantage of our last Phillies game arriving when the gates opened. We were finally able to watch the home team take batting practice-usually we never make it in time. It was also so nice and relaxing to be able to not rush to eat. We ate at "Harry the K's" to watch batting practice while having some cold beer and ball park food. Highly suggested for some pre-game food. This game is the first time we purchased "standing room only" tickets and it was so worth it. We stood behind the lower field section just beyond 3rd base. What a great view!!! Plus the Phillies were not doing so hot so we got to sit in the lower section from the 7th on since so many people had left.

Even though the game was a loss pretty early on, we still enjoyed ourselves tremendously. We got to witness the first career home run for Dominic Brown, who will hopefully turn out to be a great ball player. Here is the bell ringing after the home run hit.
We really have had a great last couple of weeks on the east coast. It really has a lot to do with the great friends and family that Pat has and I have been lucky enough to get close to. Whether it was drinking with friends, going to family parties, or just hanging out; we really enjoyed every minute we have had. There really is going to be a lot that we will miss living out here with a lot of it being things you don't normally think about. It is the little things that really make the difference in your life and there were plenty of these I really enjoyed. We are definitely looking forward to the start of our life together in California, but I am grateful we had a chance to experience life together on the east coast these last 4 years. Thank you to everyone who has really helped to make me feel welcome so far from my home (and making Jersey feel like home while I was here) =)