Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A NJ baby shower

Time is flying by... for instance we took this pic almost 2 weeks ago and I had full intentions of posting it the next day!  Here I am at 27 weeks, 3 days.  I think I have gotten bigger since then, but that will have to wait for another time.

The beginning of October we went to visit family and friends in New Jersey for a week.  We knew traveling at Thanksgiving and Christmas would be out of the question since I would be well into my third trimester.  This became our trip instead.  Somehow the week we were there flew by and we barely had a chance to see people...Pat didn't even really get to see any of his family besides his parents.  We really have to do better when we go back next time!

My wonderful Mother-in-law threw me a baby shower while we were back and it was wonderful.  She kept it simple with a nice lunch at a restaurant and just good quality time with family and friends.  Since we had to fly back, she asked for any gifts to be in the form of a gift card.  That has helped so much!  We are so thankful for those that have been there to support us.  

A few people got us some small gifts, which we were able to fit in our luggage and still not check a bag. Since I didn't open gifts at the shower, I thought I would post what we got on here so people can see the cute baby things.

This is an adorable newborn outfit from Pat's cousins Tricia and Katie...
Another cute outfit with a ruffle bottom
 A great set of onesies of various sizes
 I love this blanket knitted for our baby by my MIL's friend Ann!
And finally a shopping cart cover/playmat for the baby.
 We also received a book, "Goodnight Moon" which I love!  We don't really have any baby books yet so this is nice to start a collection.

Ok...we had to buy something for our little girl while we were back there.  We headed to the Phillies Majestic Shop and had to get the Philly Phanatic Pillow Pet!!!
 I love it!  It is so soft.  I have had to keep it in the bag and in the baby's room so I don't use it.  
 We really enjoyed our time in New Jersey and can't wait to go back, hopefully over Easter with our little 3 month old!