Thursday, March 22, 2012

3 months already

I have quite a few pictures since my last post, so hopefully I will be able to share what Kalea has been up to since our trip to Vegas soon.  

I decided to take it upon myself to figure out her measurements for this month since she doesn't have a doctors appointment until 4 months.  I used the shipping scale at work and measuring tape at home.  She is now 11 pounds and 23.5"  She seems longer and longer every day.  

Some recent trends I am going to share with pictures in the next post.  One of her likes not in a picture is her new affinity for wanting to sit up and not lay on our shoulders.  She is fussy unless we let her try to sit herself upright, although most of the time she just ends up with her head leaning forward.  She will even get upset when we try to support her head a bit.  I can't believe how independent she is already.

Here are some pictures in her 12 month Minnie onesie once again.  Enjoy!

 This next one I love
 And finally an exhausted baby after letting Mommy take tons of pictures.

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