Sunday, February 19, 2012

Random pics

I figured it was about time to update on here.  I have so many pictures to share so I thought I would just  do it over a few posts.  

Here is Kalea getting to know her new animal friends.

Baby booty!!!

She loves her baths but hates getting out.

While waiting for Pat to finish working in Del Mar, I decided to take Kalea to watch her first sunset. 

She slept through it but did get some sun!

Relaxing on Daddy's chest is her favorite place to fall asleep.

Super Bowl Sunday also happened to be my 29th birthday. My Aunt and Uncle came by and got to meet Kalea for the first time.  Here is Teri with Kalea.  She is just realizing that she is hungry.

Here is Ron relaxing with her.

And here is my birthday cupcakes decorated as a football field, made by my sister.


  1. Love the photos of your sweet baby girl! I hope you had a great birthday. Your sister did an outstanding job on those cupcakes!