Friday, December 14, 2012

Santa! & Friends, Traveling to NJ

It is amazing to think that it is already 2 weeks into December and we are already visiting friends and family in New Jersey.  It has been a crazy year, to say the least and that trend is going to continue right up through the New Year.  We have enjoyed a Christmas Cookie Party, a work Christmas Dinner at Donovan's (yum!), and just last weekend, Kalea got to meet Santa for the first time.  

We decided to see Santa while he was making an appearance in Temecula, and there was quite a wait.  We arrived to a pretty good sized line and were informed that Santa would be taking a 15 minute  break soon.  We had about an hour to hang out in line so Kalea decided to take a nice nap on Daddy's shoulder.
She was so tired but was quite a trooper once it was her turn to sit on the lap of the Jolly Old Elf.  She was quite fascinated with his fluffy cuff and big white beard.
The photographer was able to get 7 pictures and this last one she actually smiled for the camera (a tough thing to capture form our little one!).   Shortly after this picture, she had reached her limit and began to cry, so Daddy swooped in and saved her.  She loved visiting Santa and I hope she enjoys seeing him every year.
After Santa, we met my parents at a great winery and had some lunch.  It was such a great meal I forgot to take some pictures!  Sorry Mom and Dad!  I need to get better at taking pictures on normal outings!

The next day we made plans to meet by best friends, Andrea in Old Town Temecula.  We have both been very busy and it has been difficult to meet up recently.  This was a great opportunity to just hang out with her and catch up before the Holidays.  
I haven't gotten a picture with her and Kalea since last Christmas when Kalea was 3 days old!
It was a crazy few days getting everything ready at work for a vacation back East.  Hopefully they are surviving without me!

We decided to take an early flight to help with Kalea traveling since she is a morning person.  We were allowed to board just after First Class so we had some time to hang out while the huge plane was being boarded.  She was already interested in the screens in the back of the seat and looking outside the window.
She also grabbed the flight safety card all on her own and began "reading" it.  I promise she did this all on her own and was really interested in it.  It kept her occupied for a good 10 minutes.
After this cute moment we had a looooong day of plane problems.  After sitting on the plane for 2.5 hours, they decided they needed to de-plane and jack the plane up to check on mechanical problems.  We ended up getting food voucheers and a different flight that arrived 3 hours after our original arrival time.  To top it off, our bags didn't make it and we had a small snafu with our rental car (this one worked in our favor since we ended up with a better car!).  Luckily, we all ended up home safe and sound and our luggage arrived the next day.

The first full day of our trip, Pop Pop was very anxious for Kalea to open some of her Christmas gifts since we aren't staying through the holiday.  He wants her to have an opportunity to play with them while visiting, so he helped her along a bit in opening the gifts.
Later that night, Mom Mom was showing Kalea the Christmas decorations in the house.
And later that night Kalea was out cold in her arms with the long travel day finally catching up to her.  (She slept over 12 hours last night!)
We can't wait to see what else this trip brings!

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