Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Teddy Bear Tea Party

When deciding what "theme" to do for Kalea's first birthday, it took me quite a long time.  A lot of it had to do with the craziness of this last year and not having a lot of time to get ready.  All I have to say is thank goodness for my Mom and Sister, otherwise there wouldn't have been much of a party theme going on.  When I finally figured out what I wanted to do, it was one of those moments when you just think, "Of course!"  I decided I needed to incorporate teddy bears into the theme since she absolutely loves her teddy bears she has.  My mom has a ton of them for her Christmas decorations, so I figured that way it wouldn't look too funny with all of the decorations set up for the Holidays.  I wanted the party to be easy in terms of set up so it turned into a "Teddy Bear Tea Party."

My mom and sister created this banner with a picture from each month.  It is now hanging in her room!
We used a combo of her teddy bears and Gramma's and had them set up all over the house with tea sets.  
I love having this picture of the hubby drinking his tea.
The dessert table with cupcakes and cookies.
My mom decided to put marshmallow teddy bears on top her smash cake.  She was originally going to dip them in chocolate, but I went for simplicity instead.
Her "Kalea is 1!" banner
The guests enjoying the party.
Kalea was starting to get a little tired, so we sped up the party a bit and went to the opening of the gifts fairly quickly.  She loved this balloon given by Carla; later she popped it but it kept her entertained for quite a while.
The buchner girls smiling for the camera, notice Gma on the right also smiling...I love it!
Her cousin Aydan giving her a big hug.  She was a great helper in opening the gifts since Kalea wasn't too interested.
Showing off her new clapping skills.
I love Gma!  Isn't she pretty?
Aydan really enjoyed all of the new toys she got to play with since Kalea isn't quite there  yet in knowing what it is all about.
Family picture
She loved her birthday cake!  Gramma did a great job!
She was a little interested in the cake, but not as much as Aunt Sara wanted.  She was very proper in the eating of her cake.
Later in the evening, after her nap, she played dress-up with some of her new clothes.  This adorable dress is from our cousin Jacque.  
Kalea just looked on while Gramma opened all of the gifts from the packaging and the other kids played with them.
This outfit is from Aunt Sara and she is so cute in it.  She is playing with the gift from Mommy and Daddy
She looks tough in the picture, I love it!
We ended the birthday festivities with a small family dinner at Islands restaurant.  This is the best picture I was able to get with Gramma, Grampa, and Kalea.  It was a wonderful first birthday!  Thank you to everyone who made it out the last Saturday before Christmas to help us celebrate!

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  1. So great Amy and Pat! I love the bear banners and your theme! We have that wooden activity cube too, I recently just resold it as T has lost interest, but he loved it for the last year! The picture of Kalea in front of her birthday cake is the CUTEST!!! Happy birthday Kalea!