Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas, 2012

 We had a wonderful Christmas this year.  Both my brother and sister were able to spend Christmas morning with us, so like Thanksgiving, we had our entire immediate family at the house for the holiday.  With every one in my family married now, who knows how many opportunities we will have to all be together like this.  I know next year we are going to try to be in New Jersey for Christmas, and hopefully we will be able to have a second child by 2 Christmases from now, so we will probably want to actually spend Christmas at home.

We definitely enjoyed the day, and especially watching Kalea take every thing in for the first time.  Here is my parents tree Christmas morning.  Santa stopped by our house and delivered a nice tricycle for Kalea since she was such a good girl this year.
Gramma and Grampa picked out a nice Kalea sized chair for her to enjoy.
Of course Santa provides a new toothbrush, and this year he even brought 2 so she can keep 1 at our house and 1 at Gramma's house.
She really enjoyed spending time with her Aunt and Uncle.  i don't know why she was doing this, but I just loved her "Home Alone" look I caught on camera.
Every one enjoying the morning together.
The stalking all hung by the chimney with care.  Including Kalea's temporary stalking nice and small in the middle.  Gramma is still working on finishing her cross-stitched version.
Kalea really enjoyed her gift from Santa.  Here she is checking it out with Uncle John.
She likes it!  Grampa pushing her back and forth.
Daddy's turn to show her the ropes on her new bike!
What a wonderful Christmas we had.  I couldn't have asked for a better day, except of course for having Mom Mom and Pop Pop there as well!  I hope everyone  had a wonderful Christmas.  We are looking forward to the new year and what surprises and changes it will bring with our family.

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