Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Jersey Trip, Part 2

Now that all of the fun of traveling, birthdays, and Christmas has come and gone, I can finally share some more from the events these past 2 weeks.  

When we were in New Jersey, Mom Mom and Pop Pop couldn't wait for Kalea to open her Christmas presents since we wouldn't be able to stay through the Holiday.  They really enjoyed her opening her presents, especially Pop Pop.
The weekend we were there, we had a little birthday party for our little one year old and I snapped this picture while we were opening her presents.  I should have taken one looking into the other room to see the rest of the family, but instead I just have this one.  It was a lot of fun and a great way to see lots of family all at once.  Thanks everyone for making it out and helping us celebrate Kalea's first birthday!
Kalea took a little bit of time until she dug into her slice of cake, and she really loved it!
While in New Jersey, we were able to have a little play-date with Pat's childhood friend and there little 15 month old, Zoey.  
We met up with Kalea's Great Aunt and Uncle for some lunch one afternoon.
She loved looking at all of the ornaments each night with Mom mom and Pop pop.
One of Kalea's many presents from her loving Grandparents.  This was one of her Birthday gifts.
Luckily, the rain we had the last couple days of our trip cleared up in time for us to head to Storybook Land and check out all of the lights and see Santa.  Mom Mom really wanted to do this while we were out there, so luckily we were able to do that.  We were also lucky that not only were we rain free, but it was in the high40's/low 50's for the night so not too cold for the middle of December.
We took a ride on the train and Kalea loved it!
We changed her into her warmer Winnie the Pooh outfit.
And we ended the night on the Carousel.
She really liked the ride and all of the lights.
The morning we were leaving, we had some time to head over to Aunt Mare's house to visit before we had to leave.  We got to meet the newest cousin, Juliana.  She is about 3.5 weeks old here.  
Her big brother Trevor is 3 and trying to sneak another scone.  
Pat's cousin Dave and Kalea crawling around.
Aunt Mare enjoying some baby Kalea time!
We had such a wonderful time visiting friends and family.  The time flies by so fast and we never get to see everyone we want to see.  I didn't have any pictures, but Pat got to go to the Eagles game with his two best friends (even though they stink this year, they had fun), and we met up with our friend, Amanda, at her work.  We also spent a lot of time with the family next door.

Hopefully next time we come out, we will be able to meet up with some of those we missed seeing this last time.  Until next year!  

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