Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kalea's 1 Year Stats and Pics

Just over a week ago, our little girl turned 1.  I know how often people say the time will fly by; but until you are actually a parent, it doesn't seem like it will go as fast as it actually has!  Pat and I love this little girl so much, it is really difficult to describe.  We have grown so close as a couple, and this is because of sharing the parenting of our little one.  

This last year has definitely changed us, Pat is now incapable of watching "Father of the Bride" (his exact words:  "I hate this movie!"  when the little girl says "Daddy, I met a boy and we are getting married") and I break down in tears any time I see a show where the oldest daughter goes off to college (thanks Parenthood!).  These are definitely emotional changes we will take any day because it shows us how much we love this little ball of joy, and it has only been a year!

Her 1 year stats from her doctor's appointment:
Height: 29.9"  (75%)
Weight: 18.5 pounds (10%)
Head Cir: 17.75"  (50%)

This entire year she has been at the higher end in height and the low end on weight.  She eats really well, but she just can't seem to catch her weight up.  It is looking like she will have great potential for a future volleyball career =)

Lots of changes this last month.  She is now crawling like a champion and loves chasing after our cats.  She can get up on her knees as she is playing, and loves to crawl over our legs.  She is starting to talk, babbling tons.  She says "hi" "da" "kittie" "Oh wow"  and lots of other sounds bunched together.  She sometimes sounds like she says "ma" and "tigger" (one of our cats names).  She has 6 teeth now,  2 of them coming through within a week of each other.

She loves to talk to herself and then hysterically laugh at something only she knows.  She has learned how to do "So Big!" with her arms raised thanks to Mom Mom in New Jersey.  She started to clap on the morning of her first birthday.  She points to everything, whether it is for the name of the object, to go in that direction, or just to say hello.  

Kalea is fiercely a "Daddy's Girl,"  especially when she is tired.  His is usually the only shoulder she will cuddle on any time of the day, if not him then his Pop Pop of Grampa will suffice.  She gives the biggest smiles to almost anyone, once she has warmed up to new surroundings.  She loves to be chased around the house and now to chase us as she crawls after us.   She loves to "read" books, flipping through the pages and looking at the pictures.

She loves to play with our cell phones and computers.  It has gotten difficult to Skype with the grandparents as she only wants to play with the keyboard so they just see the top of her head.  She is really enjoying all of her new toys from her Birthday and Christmas, so far figuring out how to play with the "Ball-cano" Gma bought her and banging together or chewing on the rest of the toys.

Happy Birthday to the best little girl Mommy and Daddy could ever ask for.  We are so blessed to have you in our lives and we look forward to spending every moment we can with you.

Here are some pictures from her "photo shoot" in her Minnie onesie she wore every month.  

In this next picture, Pat is blowing in her hair.  I just love the look I captured!
"Are you done taking pictures yet Mommy?"
Enjoying her first taste of marshmallow with her Daddy.

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