Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Big Sister's Wedding Festivities, part 2

As I promised, here is the second part of Sara and Adam's wedding.  This one is focused on the reception.  Sara did an excellent job decorating for the wedding.  She had so many DIY items that added to the beauty of the reception (and the ceremony).  Once I have her professional photos, I will have to share the pictures of what she made since I didn't have a chance to take any pictures of the items myself.

Adam and Sara as they were first introduced as Husband and Wife.
During their first dance.
The Head Table, and of course Colleen is making a goofy face again.
Here I am as I am giving my speech.  Now the procrastinator in me kicked in to high gear for my speech.  I was finalizing it up to about an hour before we had to be ready for pictures.  Luckily the only hiccup in the speech was in my use of the microphone as it cut out a few times.  
Our beautiful daughter with her Pop Pop and Mom Mom during the reception
Now this was completely unprovoked...Aydan and Forrest were both in the wedding and they ended up chasing each other all around the reception hall.  Here is Forrest leading Aydan off the dance floor.  I love this look he is giving.  Notice his cape is still on-he wore it the entire night and had a great time.
The Father-daughter dance to "Brown Eyed Girl."  I love this picture!
Aydan and Forrest danced along with Sara and Dad.  
They even hugged and took a bow at the end of the song!
Adam dancing with his mom Lucy.
After the normal wedding events, it was time to party!  The groomsmen and Adam all had super-hero shirts on underneath their dress-shirts so they got a little more comfortable as the night went on.  My Mom's side of the family having a good time.
Jacque's husband Matt and Pat 
Cousins on my Dad's side dancing the night away.
Supposedly Adam doesn't dance much, but he sure did have a good time on the dance floor!
Sara and Adam left under a shower of sparklers.  I am so happy for my sister and new brother-in-law!

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