Thursday, May 12, 2011

5-6 week feelings

So we are now about 5 weeks, 3 days along.  I have felt weird in my stomach for about a week now, that butterfly feeling mixed with cramps every once in awhile.  We are both so excited, nervous, and scared right now.

Insurance is proving to be a difficult thing to come by.  We can afford to pay for my insurance, but not the entire pregnancy out of pocket.  I was denied coverage by a major company since they consider pregnancy a "pre-existing condition."  I think I will have to look into MediCal and rely on government assistance right now, which I really didn't want to do.  I have also read/heard about options for paying cash and receiving a discount from certain hospitals.  I know it will all work out, we are just a little worried about it right now.  I will update you on how it all ends up.  Update:  MediCal looks to be working out!!!  Woohoo!

My nose is still super sensitive right now, smelling both good and bad things.  I have to use the bathroom all the time, yesterday 15 times in one day (though that does include sitting at a bar drinking water all night)!  It is amazing what pregnancy does to your body, even only 5 weeks in.

Meanwhile, there are so many babies being born around my family and friends.  My girlfriend Jenny just had her first child last week, the day before we found out we were pregnant.  Little Isabel was welcomed to the world.  My cousin Katie had her 2nd child, a boy yesterday.  Little Talin joined his big brother Forrest! Plus two of my cousins are pregnant right now, making my G-ma waiting on 3 Great Grand-children all at once!  Wow!!  So excited for the future.

We have decided to call our little baby in the making "Baby Moose."  Moose is Pat's nick-name since high school and I think it works great!  34+ weeks until we welcome our little Moose!

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  1. Congrats Amy! You're gonna be a great mama. :)