Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Phillies vs Padres game 4

Easter Sunday!!!  We didn't realize when we purchased these tickets that it was Easter weekend, but we had a great time.  It was well worth it since we got to see a two-time Cy Young Pitcher, Roy Halladay!  He is great to watch.  I felt a little bad since we were supposed to go up to my Aunt and Uncles but had to cancel.  Ooops!

Since it was Easter Sunday, we decided to got out for breakfast at The Broken Yolk.  This is a great restaurant that Travel Channels Adam Richman went to for Man vs. Food (he won!)  Here is the display for the challenge...

And his victory plaque...

 Later, at the park, the Easter bunny was there for all of the kids to see!

 We decided to go by the dugout for the pre-game.  Pat has a baseball he got last season when the Phillies were in town.  He wanted to get Cliff Lee's signature and whichever other big name he could.

Love it!!!  Roy Halladay is known as "Doc" Halladay.  Perfect sign and ears for Easter!

 There is Cliff Lee!  and Pat with the maroon Halladay shirt trying to get the signature.  He was only signing little kids items so no luck for Pat =(

The owner Ruben Amaro Jr. before the game in the dugout.

 More signatures pre-game.

 Relaxing in the dugout some more.  I think that is one of the coaches and Ruben's daughter hanging out.  Lucky girl!

Now at our seats
 The great Roy Halladay!!!  I took quite a few pics of him pitching and his form was exactly the same every time.

 Shane Victorino coming back to the dugout...after hitting an inside the park home run!!!!  So great to see!!!

 Great game!  Go Phillies!!!!

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