Thursday, May 5, 2011

Phillies vs. Padres Game 2

Friday, April 22nd Game 2 in San Diego
We decided to eat before we went into the park at this great spot right outside the stadium called Tin Fish.  32 oz. beers for $8!

 It is directly across the street from the Convention Center as well.
 Great food as well!  Fish and chips...
 Fish tacos!
 Pre-game warm-ups were great today.  Here is pitcher Cliff Lee working out since he wasn't going to pitch in the series.  A giant yawn was caught on camera!!!

 We had a great spot to watch part of batting practice today.  We sat near the 3rd base dugout. Ryan Howard after Batting practice.  
 Woot, woot!!! Chase Utley hitting a few.  Plus there has been good news recently that he may return before the end of May!  Hopefully by May 18th since we will be going to the Phillies game on our trip back east.
 More Phillies fans hanging out before the game.
 Chase Utley fielding some hits.
 Cy Young winner Roy Halladay!!!
The boys lined up for the Anthem...
 I just had to include this pitch sequence shot of cole Hamels.  Such great form!  Plus he is a San Diego native!
 Last out of the game.  Another victory!!!

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