Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Surprise

Not long after we found out we were pregnant, our thoughts turned to when and how we would tell our families-especially our parents.  It was very obvious for us to tell our parents as soon as possible and it worked out perfectly that two days after the positive results was mother's day!  It was also very lucky that we will soon be on our way back east to visit family and friends.

We would have preferred to tell both sets of parents at the same time, about 3,000 miles kind of gets in the way.  We decided we were definitely going to make it a Mother's Day Surprise for both of our moms (and dads)!  My parents would be told Mother's day evening and Pat's parents as soon as possible IN PERSON (yay!) once we get back east.

What we needed was a way to tell them.  I knew that I wanted our moms to open a gift and see something that would indicate to them that they would be GRANDPARENTS!!!  A few ideas went through our heads including picture frames, baby clothes, drawings, or a picture of the positive test.  Before we made our decision, we needed the help of my sister so it was time to break the news to her which I had already decided to do only second to Pat being told.  

The opportunity arrived when we went for a morning walk with Sara for some coffee (I know, bad caffeine!  I drink decaf).  After our breakfast on our way home, I finally came up with a way to tell her.  I basically said... "Hey Sara, Pat and I need your help...tellling...Mom and Dad...that we are pregnant!!!"

She stopped in her tracks and asked if I was serious.  We hugged, we cried, she said "Amy!", it was great.  After the shock wore off, we figured out together what we would do.  We used "running errands" as an excuse to go to Babies R' Us to throw my mom off (she so thought we just had to get her last-minute mother's day gifts-acutally correct but not in the way she was thinking =)

We were hoping to find a cute onesie, gender neutral, that says something about Grandma.  Not much luck, sadly.  The Grandma ones were cute but for either a girl or boy.  Only knowing for a day, we were no where near to knowing the gender!  We found instead a cute set of onesies that were yellow and a bib set that says "Grandma makes me smile".  Awwww-so cute!  I wanted something else and found a "Grandma's brag book" for them to put ultrasound pics/baby pics in as they get them.

The time finally came to give my mom the present.  I was super excited for her to open it, especially since my brother was in town so he could be told in person as well.  With my family gathered around, my mom proceeded to take FOREVER to open the dang wrapping.  I was just anxiously awaiting the moment when she saw the bib with the word Grandma on it.  Finally she got the package open and...

she gasped, looked at me, and said "Really?!" I said yes and we hugged and cried.  My dad couldn't quite see the reason for all this and then finally caught on.  We hugged and cried and then I went back to hugging and crying with my mom.  It was so heart-warming to bring such joy to my parents lives!  They have wanted grandchildren for awhile now, especially since plenty of people around us have had grandchildren, especially family.  Now they would finally be Grandparents!!!

Now all that is left is to surprise Pat's parents Wednesday.  We cannot wait!

Happy Mother's Day everyone!!

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