Wednesday, April 13, 2011

San Diego's Best BBQ!!!

After our trip to the zoo, Pat and I decided we would try Phil's BBQ in San Diego.  Luckily, they recently opened a location closer to our house and Pat has tried it a couple times already.  He loves BBQ and when he mentioned that they make the best sandwich he has ever had, I knew I had to try it.  Not to mention it was featured on "Man vs. Food" and the host said the same thing.  

When we pulled into the parking lot I saw the line...
At first I wanted to hit the road and just go to the one by our house.  Pat convinced me to stay.  I am so glad I did!  The wait didn't seem that bad, especially since we got to smell the food the whole time.  An hour later we reached this point...

  We are so close...

About 1 hour, 20 minutes later we had a table and our food.

Starting with a bar-b-q essential...pulled pork with cole slaw.  I can't decide if it is the best I have ever had...I think so, but I think I need to try the delicious Memphis bbq again, plus I need to try Kansas City still!  But it is worthy of competing with all of the classics.
 Now for a truly Southern Californian original...
The "El Toro" which is made with Tri-tip steak.  For some reason a cut of meat that is local to California and never heard of east of here.  It is strange to think what the rest of the country is missing out on.  This is the sandwich remarked as "the best sandwich I have ever had" by my husband.  And he is talking about ALL sandwiches-that includes his local home-town favorite cheesesteak!  Now, that is a big accomplishment.  I am now dreaming about this dang sandwich right now.  There really are no words, you just have to try it.
 Now for the unhealthy side dish.  Pat assured me the only thing we needed besides the sandwiches were these beauties.  Absolutely the best onion rings I have ever had.  I know I have been saying that quite a bit on here...but it is true.  I cannot wait to take my dad here-he will be in heaven.  They are cooked perfectly; crunchy on the outside with a thick breading you actually want to eat with or without an onion.  We ordered a large so we would have leftovers to take home.
 We also each had a beef rib since Pat mentioned that they are equally as delicious.  It was a nice appetizer!  Plus a small side of macaroni salad.  Yum!!!
Perfection in BBQ...that is all I can say about how good this place is.  Plus they made for excellent left-overs the next day.

We are willing to go with anyone that would like to drive down (or fly) for a visit.  This will definitely be a stopping point for any and all family and friends.  Sorry if I made you drool or hungry...


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