Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Phillies vs. Padres Game 1

With a husband who grew up loving Philadelphia sports, especially baseball, it was almost impossible not to fall in love with his home-town teams as well.  This is especially true of the Phillies.  Since we have moved away, I have promised him that we would watch the Phillies whenever we have the chance.    This past weekend they were in town for a 4-game series against the Padres so of course we had to go.  Not only did we have to go, we also decided to go to all 4 games!  

We were sure to get there early so we could watch their batting practice/warm-ups pre-game.  Luckily I have a zoom lens for my camera so I was able to get some nice close-ups of the players as they were on the field.

This is Brad Lidge.  He is their closer but is on the DL.  Someone next to us yelled out asking when he would return and his answer was "June".  Woohoo...can't wait!!!

Carlos "Chooch" Ruiz (their starting catcher) talking about something with other pitchers.

More of the pitching staff with Chooch.  Ruiz, Kyle Kendrick, not sure, Ryan Madson

This was taken all the way from the outfield seats, all the way zoomed in.  Not bad huh?  That is Shane Victorino taking a swing, aka "the Flyin' Hawaiian".

My husbands favorite player, Chase Utley (UCLA alum I might add), who is on the DL for who knows how long.  Looking good fielding some ground balls!

The Big Man, Ryan Howard stretching.
Best seats ever?  Beach chairs in the "beach section" in Center field.  Ok, maybe behind home plate can't compete, but still awesome!
Finally for some game play.  I took a bunch of pics but they were mostly boring.  Here is an somewhat great shot of Raul Ibanez sliding into!!!  That is Pat's shoulder getting in the way.
Roy Oswalt's great form.
Run number 1...Ben Francisco solo home run.
Run number 2 Brian Schneider's solo homerun.
Placido Polanco for run number 3!
Us enjoying the game
The dugout...see the blue hat?  Now look at the partial red hat right in front of that...that is Chase Utley =)  
And now for crazy drunk fans...I have a great sequence of shots for these crazy guys, basically a play-by-play.  They jumped down somewhere in right field and ran like crazy.  He looks so happy doesn't he?
A little shove here...
A knockdown there...
His friend taken down.  Dummies!
Woohoo!  1 for 1 for the weekend!  Great night of baseball.  Stay tuned for the other 3 games.

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