Tuesday, April 12, 2011

San Diego Zoo

Pat and I are lucky enough to have season passes to the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park.  We love going for just a few hours and seeing just a few areas at a time since it is so huge.  This day we went to the bugs/reptile area first...Sorry if you don't like bugs!  Just skip the next 6 photos or so and then it will be on to cuter animals!

Looks like a stick!!!  Even its back-end looked like it was a broken twig!
lunch time!
These were gross looking...reminded me of the poor spiders in Harry Potter used to demonstrate the killing curses =)

This was called something like "dead-leaf bug" 
Komodo dragon
He's watching me!
Giant snapping turtle "kissing" the surface.
 I think most of those shots turned out pretty well, especially considering all of the animals were behind glass =)
In the rainforest =)

Cute river otters...
Big yawn!!!
Here is one of the polar bears "dancing" on the rock...very OCD-6 steps back, 2 steps forward.  Pretty funny =)

The brother sleeping peacefully...
Pat's new friend!
 The view from the Skyfari...

The silver-backed gorilla seen from above
I love the church bells you can hear throughout the zoo...and the occasional plane landing
3 birds hanging on top of the aviary
Here comes an owl...5 foot wing span! 
Two Macaws flying around 
The rarest dog in the world!  Poor thing...from Australia or New Zealand, can't remember which
Seal show to end the day!
It was such a great day!  I love living in San Diego =)

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