Friday, April 15, 2011

First try at Curry!

Picture from good old Google image...
I received this cook book as a gift from my husband and have been meaning to try out a curry recipe for a couple of months now.  I finally got around to it tonight and I am so happy that I did!

This is his recipe for "Chicken Korma"

First chop up 2 onions, fresh ginger, cilantro stems (after picked off leaves), and a green chile (I chose jalapeno)
 Heat a skillet over high heat with "a couple of lugs of (peanut/veggie) oil" and toss in above ingredients (leaving cilantro leaves to garnish) with a Tbs. of butter
Saute for about 10 minutes until golden, with lots of yummy bits on the pan...
Cut up some chicken breast into ~inch cubes
 1/2 cup curry paste (or homemade) which is one small jar
 One can of coconut milk and a couple Tbs. of shredded coconut
 Put all of the above in the pan
plus some Garbanzo beans
 and sliced almonds.  Stir all together and cook until begins to boil.
 Cover and simmer for about 30 minutes (oh...add half a can of water and stir).  Check often to make sure water doesn't evaporate completely.  I served rice with this so about now is a good time to make sure you get it started.
 Pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy some baseball (Go Phillies!)
 Or I guess I could have done some clean-up/dishes...
 Put some rice in a bowl
 Then top with the "Chicken Korma Curry"
 Garnish with Yogurt (I used plain Greek yogurt...yum!), sliced almonds, and cilantro leaves.
Bon App├ętit!


  1. That looks so yummy! I was going to try my hand at Thai food this past weekend and I didn't get around to it. Maybe this week!

  2. okay I just ate lunch & am starving after reading this...yummo! :)