Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dinner Party, anyone?

Is it weird how excited I am to finally have my fine china?  

Well, I am!

I think it is partly to do with having it at one time, but keeping it stored in my in-laws house; then returning it in New Jersey so we wouldn't have to move it; and now finally going back to purchase it since our store credit was burning a hole in my pocket!

It has been a long process, but well worth it.  Now that the dishes are washed and put away, I can now think about having a dinner party.  I don't know how many people are even interested in one, but I have always looked forward to having one with close friends and/or family.  The idea of sitting around the table, relaxed, with good conversation, food, and a beautiful setting has always appealed to me.  I love cooking and trying new recipes, so sharing that love just naturally follows. 

Who knows how long it will be until I actually have one, but until then, I can start imagining the good times ahead.  Besides, these dishes cost enough...I might as well put them to good use!


  1. holy cow I just LOVE your china!!! How exciting! We have exactly 2 sets. haha. So right now our dinner party consists of Tim and I. Although we haven't even used our china yet (I just got the 2nd soup bowl in the mail yesterday that I ordered with our registry completion rewards card). Maybe for Valentine's Day weekend. hmmm. Anywho, yours is just lovely and will make for a fabulous dinner party I'm sure!

  2. I am glad you like it! I think it will be fun to slowly build up your collection...the only reason we have 10 is because Pat's Parents bought us 8 of them!