Sunday, February 27, 2011

Medieval Times

My friend Andrea, Pat, and I randomly decided to go to Medieval Times a couple of weeks ago.  Pat and I have both never been and Andie only went once about 10 years ago.  We figured, why not?  I figured why not share a few shots I got from the night.  I didn't get many good action shots since the lighting was bad and they put a net down in front of us.  But here are a few good/ok ones.

Waiting for the show we saw some of the horses...

Pat posing with some expensive armor

The three of us in the courtyard (taken by a kind stranger)

Pat and I before dinner

Whoo!!! Andrea was thrown a carnation by our knight =)
Notice the bot behind her...he kept hitting her in the face with his flag and I kept laughing.  Sorry Andie-but it was funny!  

One of just a few good action shots I got without the net in the way.  I think it is pretty good considering-plus he got the ring on his lance!

All of the knights...ours was the black and white Knight, though he lost first =(

It was fun and we had a good time.  Definitely a great evening out for entertainment and food...every once in awhile at least.


  1. That looks like such a fun time! You got some really good pictures!

    I've always wanted to go there just to see what it's all about!

  2. Great pics! Glad you had a nice time :)

  3. It was fun...they are renovating some of the lobby area so it doesn't look like it is in its best shape.