Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sara's Bachelorette Party

My sister's wedding is fast approaching, and with that comes two great events; the Bachelorette and Bridal Shower.  Since my brother's wedding and her wedding are within 3 months of each other, it worked out best to have both events over the same weekend.  

For her bachelorette, she wanted a relaxing day so I planned a day of wine tasting, a picnic lunch, and then dinner in Temecula.  My mom did a great job making some mini-mouse bridesmaids ears to go along with the bridal set my Aunt Carol bought for Sara.   Here is the bride-to-be with my mom and Aunt.
Colleen is taking a lot of these pictures so she is only in a few of the shots.  Here is Jacque, me, and Kristin ready at the first winery, Leoness (our favorite of the day by the way).
Jacque is ready to drink!
My mom and I
At the second winery of the day we had a great picnic lunch with way too much food.  We had quite a spread with various cheese, meat (salmon and salami), spreads, bread, and crackers.  Here is the entire group with Colleen again behind the camera.  This winery was nice, we just didn't like the wine as much as the first.
The last winery we solely chose for its name and setting.  It is called "Briar Rose" and it looked like a cute little cottage.  Sara is a big fan of Disney (obviously with the ears) so we just knew she needed to see it.  The wine was a bit disappointing, but still very fun for the atmosphere.
Finally a picture of Colleen!  We were having such a great time.

The bridal party minus Katie.
and the entire group.
After wine tasting we made our way over to "Yard House" for dinner.  It is one of Sara's favorite restaurants.  We were supposed to have surprised her earlier in the day with our cousin Katie arriving for the weekends festivities, but her plane was delayed for well over 5 hours, traveling with a 1 year old.  She was able to arrive in time to meet us at the restaurant so when Sara arrived, she was already waiting to surprise her.  This is the best picture I could get of her surprise.
Towards the end of dinner, Jacque decided to buy Sara a shot with a dirty name.  
She took it like a pro!
Katie bought the table a half yard of a beer for us to share, but Sara had to give it a try first.
Sara and Katie enjoying the festivities.
The waiter treated Sara to a "congrats" dessert.
Finally, we had a chance to get a shot with all of the bridesmaids and Sara.  It was a great day focused on showing Sara a good time.  We would have continued a little longer, but after a day of drinking, we were ready to head home (plus we still had quite a bit to do to get ready for the shower!)  Love you Sara!!!

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