Wednesday, September 26, 2012

9 months already!?!

I think I am still in disbelief that my baby is 9 months already.  Life just keeps chugging along and she keeps growing.  I already have to start thinking about her Halloween costume, first Birthday ideas, and then what to do for Christmas.  Of course mixed in with all of that will be my sister's wedding (and the fun events that go along with it), Thanksgiving, and a trip back East to visit family and friends.

This months stats:
height: 28.35" (77th percentile)
weight: 17 pounds (18th percentile)
head circumference:  17.72"  (78th percentile)

We still have a tall skinny little girl.  She has been trying to bring that weight up, but she just can't seem to keep up with her length fast enough.  

This last month, the biggest change has been in her smile.  She has started smiling more with her nose so her face gets all scrunched up.  She is now rolling around all over the floor as she attempts to crawl.  She is getting really good at pushing up on her hands and knees, but no actual crawling yet.  

She has learned to bring food to her mouth, though most of the time she doesn't let it go with her fingers so she ends ups taking it right out of her mouth.  She is laughing a lot more, and usually about the most random things.  One day at work while we were eating lunch, she just kept laughing hysterically if you looked at her.  She is definitely the center of attention amongst all of my co-workers.

She is much more aware of her toys and objects around her.  She loves to "kick" around a ball and she is very good at reaching for things she wants.  We are in the process of "baby-proofing" our house since she is just about ready to get into everything around her.  

Kalea is such a wonderful, happy baby.  We both love to spend as much time as possible with her.

Please enjoy some of her 9 month photo shoot pictures in her Minnie Onesie.


"Hey! Where did Daddy go?"

Here is her "scrunchy" face smile

Kalea loves her kitty Tigger, and Tigger loves her . . .  most of the time!

 Sporting her UCLA onesie while playing with her Eagles football.  Representing both coasts!

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  1. Absolutely FANTASTIC PICTURES! i can't wait to see you all next month! Hugs and Kisses!!!