Monday, October 22, 2012

Kalea at 10 months

My husband pointed out last night that it was the last day for us to say that our daughter was an age of a single digit (at least in months).  10 months old today and I am amazed at how much our little baby is turning into a toddler.  

She knows exactly what she wants and loves to explore everything around her.  She is so, so close to crawling; I know it seems like I have said that before, but I know she will be a crawler by the time she turns 11 months.  She gets on her hands and knees and is able to move her knee forward.  She hasn't gotten the idea yet of moving her arms forward after her legs, but she is able to get to things she wants on the floor by scooting or rolling.

She is very vocal, she has started to imitate pretty clearly on the word "hi" and sometimes it sounds like she says "Dad,"  among other sounds we can pick out.  She doesn't like to sit still for more than 15 minutes, getting very loud and vocal if it has been too long.  She has become very good at feeding herself and she loves to play with and feel food, especially when it is new.  For dinner tonight she shared our quinoa, salmon and pieces of avocado and tomato.  We try to share our food with her at every meal if we can, and she loves it.

We are almost ready to switch her from her infant car seat to her "big girl" permanent one.  We recently ordered one for each car and when we took one out of the box, she was really fascinated with her new seat.  She kept trying to get closer to the seat so that she could explore the buckle and feel the new fabric.  

Last, but not least, she had her two top teeth pop through on the same day.  She has taken to grinding her teeth every once in awhile, and we are doing our best to keep her from doing it.  She is so cute with a small gap between the top 2 front teeth, apparently it is a trait of Pats moms family.  There are a couple pictures of her below that show her new teeth.  

Please enjoy the pictures we took earlier today.  Some of them are a little blurry since it was overcast today and I couldn't take them until I got home from work, so the lighting wasn't ideal.

 I love this one, too bad it is blurry!  I had to share it regardless since it is so cute.
 Looking at her Daddy.

 Here is a good one of all 4 teeth with a beautiful smile
 Playing with the blanket

 If she is on the ground at all, she usually ends up in this position pretty quickly.  She has gotten really good at it.
 Hi Mommy!
 Trying to move, she is pretty determined to make it happen.
 Taking a break, striking a pose.
 She decied to reposition her head band, I guess in a more stylish way.  It is super cute I think and all done by her!
 Happy 10 months Kalea!!!

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  1. Happy 10 months Kalea! Yep, with those bottom AND top toofers you sure do like a young little toddie, like my Talin! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks. :-)