Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pasta and Pumpkins

While I had a chance, I wanted to share some pictures from this last month.  Some of them are just because, others show some new things she has been doing.

She loves snuggling with her Daddy, especially in the morning after her morning bottle.
 While my sister had her hair trial for her wedding, Kalea was hanging out with Pat while Sara's cat Charlie enjoyed his resting on his leg.  I love that face she is giving.
 Here she is trying to crawl again with quite an expression on her face.
 She is really good at scooting backwards and getting stuck with her legs under the couch.
 Ready for some Saturday football with Daddy
 She is learning the "8-clap", she hasn't figured it out yet, but she will be a pro by next season.
 She has had pasta a couple times now, but this last week she had it for the first time with sauce on it and the ability to feed it to herself, and to her Dad.
 At first she was having difficulty getting the slippery pasta to her mouth so she pulled it to the edge and put her mouth to the tray.  A little bit later she took a big clump of it...
 and shoveled it to her mouth!  She loved it and got really good at feeding herself.  She loved playing with it.
 Investigating the pasta...
 It finally got a little bit colder so it is time to break out the boots and pants.  She is wearing jeggings and her new furry boots from Gramma and Aunt Sara.  The boots are a little big still and she really enjoyed playing with her feet in the air.
 Finally, we went to the pumpkin patch for her first pumpkin this last Sunday.  She is ready to pick out some pumpkins!
 Pat found his first
 This pumpkin patch in Fallbrook has all kinds of fun pumpkins to look at and a great selection of small, different ones for decorations.  Kalea loved this small one so we brought it home.
 Daddy and kalea with our haul.
 Kalea with her first pumpkin!
 Time to get ready for Halloween!  

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