Friday, August 17, 2012

Comic Con, 2012

About a month ago in July, Pat and I spent a few days in San Diego to attend Comic-Con.  This was our second year attending and we had a great time.  It is very crowded and a bit overwhelming, but despite that, we manage to have a good time.  Pat went all four days, I only went Friday and Sunday.  

Friday is typically the big TV day, so of course we had a bunch of tv panels we wanted to watch.  The big panel room to be in is known as Hall H, which seats about 6500 people.  On this day, the room had 3 great shows back to back to back.  The Big Bang Theory, followed by Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.  We ended up getting in line at about 7:30 in the morning.  Even though the first panel we wanted to see didn't start until around 12, we ended up never making it into the room.  It seems many thousands of people in line before us had the same plan to stay for all of the panels, so the line never moved again once the room was initially filled.

While in line, we did get to see an actor from Game of Thrones.  He was schmoozing with the crowd and had a camera crew with him.  He plays "Hodor" for those of you who watch the show.
Once our day in line was over, it was time to hit the exhibit hall for some great comic geekdom.  Pat in front of the Bat-cycle. 
 Gollum looks a little weary of me...hmmm.
We came upon 3 giant stone trolls 
 And we saw Chewbacca without a head...
 Followed by a green droid.  Not sure of his official name since this is not R2-D2...
An anime Homer Simpson 
 Pat and I in front of the Iron Man 3 booth...complete with many different versions of the Iron Man suit.  We are now onto Sunday.  By this time I had already watched a few panels in Hall H with my best friend, Andrea.  We saw "Fringe," "Supernatural," and "Doctor Who."  Pat wasn't really into seeing any of those, so he spent his time buying and reading comics.  The rest of the day Pat and I walked through the exhibit hall since we hadn't really spent too much time doing it on Friday.
 A look at the craziness of the Exhibit is very tiring to get through the craziness, which is why I like spending most of my time in the panels.  
 I don't think this one needs any explanation.
One of the walls had an area where people could decorate with lego's however they wanted.  I took this shot of the TARDIS for Andrea, since she loves "Doctor Who." 
 The Lego booth had a cool activity for everyone where you got to put together your own square that was color-coded and then it would be put into the wall to create a picture.  Here is my finished piece...
 And the spot it is going to be placed in.  My spot is the opening along the top second from the left.
 We got to see Night Rider...
 And Mattel's "new" Hover Board
Outside the exhibit hall they had a special display of all of the Bat-mobiles.  It was pretty cool to see them all in person.  Pat really loved it... 

 He got to touch the wheel!  
 Val Kilmer edition...
 Finished off with the classic Adam West edition.  They also had the Michael Keaton and George Clooney editions on display.  All-in-all we had a great time.  We already bought tickets to go for Saturday only next year.  Saturday is the big Movie day.  Pat loved that day best, he got to see some pretty awesome sneak-peeks including The Hobbit, Superman, Iron Man 3, and many others.  Looking forward to next year!

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