Saturday, August 11, 2012

Beach Day and More

Finally having a weekend to stay home has given me time to share a few more things that have been going on this summer.  I have a few things from before her 7 month birthday that I never got around to.  

As she has become way more interested in her surroundings, the cats in both our house and my parents house have become her favorite friends.  She gets so excited every time she sees one or hears one.  At my parents house, Charlie is super friendly and very good with babies.  He will take her pulling his ears and tail, and will just walk away if he has had enough.  He loves to just be around the baby as well.  If you are holding her on the couch, he will usually lay on your lap as close to the baby as you will allow.  

Here is Kalea trying to get at Charlie a few weekends ago.
 In case you didn't know, we have a busy couple of months ahead of us.  This is due to both my brother and sister getting married within 3 months of each other.  My brother's wedding is first, and his future mother and sister-in-law joined with my mom, sister, and I to throw the bridal shower.  Her sister, Ashley came over for a planning session with her then 2 month old, Joshua.

Kalea, at almost 7 months old, loves looking at babies now.  Here is a great shot of them together.
 His hands are as big as hers!  She was investigating while we were comparing the size of the fingers.
 The last free weekend we had before this one, we took advantage and finally took Kalea to the beach.  We headed over to Carlsbad and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon for a few hours.

Kalea and I
 Touching the ocean for the first time.  It was pretty cold.
 Kalea and Daddy
 A tiring couple hours for our baby, so she took a pretty good nap under our beach umbrella.
 I wanted to throw this picture in here to show what happens if we start story time too late at night.  She was very comfortable in Daddy's arms and went right to sleep.  I think Pat only got through 1 or 2 pages at this point.
 And one more sleeping picture.  This time 3 generations napping together on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Happy weekend every one!

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