Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My first Mother's Day!

People can tell you over and over again how special a feeling it is to be a mother, but it really truly can only be understood once you finally are a mother.  I am so grateful for the wonderful gift that Kalea has been so far in these first few months of her life.  I am so excited to see what she becomes as she grows up, of course I don't want to see that happen any time soon.  

We had a wonderful day as we were able to relax and spend it with my family.  Kalea bought me a beautiful necklace that was completely a surprise.  She did a great job helping Daddy pick it out.  We also were able to enjoy a delicious brunch at our favorite restaurant, Taps, in Corona.  When we got home, we decided to use the beautiful day and take some family shots to commemorate the day.   

My sister, Sara with Kalea and I
The proud family with our beautiful 4 1/2 year old.
 Such a cutie!
 Hi Grampa!!!
 Love this shot of the three of them.
 These next few aren't from Mother's Day, but I wanted to share them with you since I am a proud Momma!

Here she is rockin' the tank onesie
 Such beautiful blue eyes...as my brother would say, they are staring right into your soul!
 This past month, Kalea has taken to sticking her legs straight out and then bringing them back in.  I luckily was able to catch them in action.  I also wanted to mention that she is laying on a nice little surprise gift she received from my Aunt Lori.  It is a tied quilt and very much appreciated!
 She has also started to grab things and is working on holding them with both hands.
 She has started teething and is trying to put anything she can in her mouth, though she tends to lose grip on most things besides blankets and eventually will lose it going to her mouth.
 Happy Mother's Day!!!  

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