Friday, May 4, 2012

A Gathering of Friends

When we still lived in New Jersey, I worked in a Middle School with a great group of people.  We all became friends and enjoy each others company.  It is so difficult to get everyone together now, especially since we all don't work together any more.  I am so grateful that a few of them were able to take the time to get together, especially since it was Easter weekend and part of their Spring Break!  Francine especially needs thanks since she graciously hosted us at her house.  Her daughter, Mandee cooked lots of tasty treats for us as well.  We had so much fun just hanging out and catching up.  They were all so sweet and "showered" Kalea with even more gifts.  She is all stocked up with new clothes!  

Kalea was introduced to Delaney, my friend Ali's daughter who is 2.  Delaney took a little time to warm to Kalea, but she eventually came over and investigated her little toes.  Sorry for the blurry pic, I was trying to quickly capture it and the camera focused on the table cloth!
 Francine examining Kalea.
 Getting smiles!
 Who are all of these people, Mommy?
 Delaney dressing up
 Francince's oldest daughter, Megan with Kalea.
 Ali with her daughter
 Some more friends, Narci, Monica, and Robyn.
 I love Robyn's expression!
 Francine's youngest, Michelle
 With Narci, love this shot!
 Another great one!
 Completely content in Narci's arms as we all talk.
Thank you all so much!!!  It was so wonderful to see everyone again.  So many more I miss as well, but I am grateful for catching up with every one I can!

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  1. I love you guys and every chance we get, we will spend time together. Life is full of wonderful people and Amy you and your family are some of them. Don't let too much time go by and baby girl forgets who we are. Stay sweet until next time. Love Narci aka (Aunt CoCo) oxox