Tuesday, May 1, 2012

4 month stats, a bit late

Life has been so busy lately that today is the first day I have had off in quite awhile.  I am usually off on Tuesdays but they turn into a major errand running day for Kalea and I.  It feels so good to have just spent my day napping and playing with our joyful 4 month old.  She is now past the 4 month mark and each day she seems to grow bigger and bigger.  

At her 4 month appointment, her pediatrician said she is right on target for where she should be.  She is about to double her birth weight this next month and everything is looking good.  She is doing well with her physical therapy for her torticollis (tight neck), still having therapy visits once every three weeks.  4 month stats:  12 lbs, 3.8 oz. (25%), 24 in. (40%), and head circum. of 16 in. (40%).  Poor baby is becoming more aware and absolutely hated her shots this visit.  Last time she cried with the longer needle, barely noticing the first shot.  This time around, she was so upset after the first shot that she didn't even notice the 2nd, more painful one because she was so upset already.  Poor girl!

So much happened during her 4th month of life, I have over 300 pictures to go through!  I am hoping to  get to those in the next few days to show her first flight, Easter, baseball game, and meeting of friends and family in New Jersey.  

Now to the pictures taken on her 4 month birthday.

Smiling at her Daddy
She found me with the camera, I usually don't get too many shots without her noticing the camera on her.

Staring down her fist
My roses are blooming so I had to get her outside to capture our beautiful flower with the fresh blooms...She is still a bit small for the seat.

Just a comparison to her growth this month.  This next shot was taken just a few days after she turned 3 months.  She has grown sooo much!!!  
Now on to laughing, possibly teething (at least we think she is starting), and what ever else might arise this next month.

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  1. Oh, I just love the pictures! Can't wait to see all the Easter pictures! You have to email me these -- they are too cute! I need to have my Kalea fix!