Sunday, May 20, 2012

Last of the month 4 pics

Before I moved on to sharing photos from her fifth month, I figured I would finish up with the last bit from her 4th month.  Before I forget, I wanted to mention that on her 4 month bday, she had her first laugh.  I was shopping with my mom and sister and just playing with her while she sat in her car seat.  I went closer to her face and said "Boo, Boo, Boo" really quick and she giggled at me.  I did it a couple more times and sure enough she laughed again.  It was the sweetest sound to hear.  Her poor Daddy had to miss it, but he soon got to hear it later that week.

Now on to some random pictures I wanted to share.

Here is Kalea enjoying every last second with MomMom and PopPop on the day we were leaving New Jersey.  
Pat and I both love the Pop Shop in Collinswood.  We love to eat there at least once every time we visit.  Our problem is we usually make it there on the day we are leaving.  I think we need to change that up a bit or else Linda is really going to associate it only with sadness for the day we leave!  We also ate there the day we left to move to California.
Once we made it safely home we unpacked all of the wonderful clothes friends and family gave Kalea. We piled it up next to her and she really enjoyed looking at all of her wonderful new outfits!  Every one was so sweet to give her such wonderful things!  
On one of our beautiful San Diego days, we decided to go for a family walk.  Since it was finally light enough out for some shades to be needed, we put on her new glasses from her MomMom.  She is so cute in them!  She owns 3 pairs of glasses and isn't even 5 months old yet!  
A week after her first Phillies game in Philadelphia, we went to two more games as they played against our new home team, the San Diego Padres.  Here she is hanging with her Dad as we walk into the stadium.  
Going for her first as she starts to teeth and needs more to chew on!
We had great seats for both the Thursday and Friday game.  The first night we were in row 12 just to the left of the Phillies dugout.  On Friday evening we were in the front row of the Pavilion section behind home plate!  Best seats I have ever had!
We have a happy Daddy since her winning streak continues, now 10 and 0 when Kalea goes to the game!
And finally, enjoying some Gramma time on her 4 month birthday.

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