Sunday, December 1, 2013

Meet Landon Baby Shower

Pat and I have enjoyed the adjustment of raising two children.  It takes quite a bit to get used to the demands of two children under two.  I think we are starting to get the hang of things.    Before I share some pictures from the Baby Shower for Landon, I wanted to get down a few things about Kalea.

There are many wonderful moments we wish we could record to remember forever, but they will only have to be memories that Pat and I share.   Kalea is such a fun little girl.  She makes every single day a wonderful experience.  She loves her little brother so much.  Luckily, she isn't taking any of her toddler frustrations out on him, especially the times when she wants the attention of whomever is taking care of Landon.  She is always so excited to see her brother, or she asks "Why you crying Landon?"  

Kalea's vocabulary is increasing every day.  She loves to say "Mommy look!"  and then she will say what ever new thing she has learned or seen.  With Christmas fast approaching, she is getting very excited every time she sees anything Christmas-y.  She says "Look, Christmas!".

She has also started to count things up to 13.  She is getting pretty good at associating each item to a number, although she is still counting things more then once.  She even tries to count beyond thirteen and says "ah-teen" for the numbers following 13.

Kalea also loves to dance.  If she hears any kind of music, she usually likes to start dancing in a circle.  She will even sometimes hum along to the song.  Another favorite activity is reading.  If she had her way, we would read books to her all day long.  Sometimes she will take a book and flip through  the pages and "read" it her self.  She is now starting to turn the jabber into words, as every once in awhile she will say a word or two that is associated with what is happening on the page.

One last thing, Kalea is starting to do a lot more imaginative play.  She loves to play with different blocks and depending on the day, each one represents a different item.  For example, her triangle shaped block is usually either a house or sailboat.  She loves to instruct her Daddy on where each blocks need to be stacked and she knows exactly which block she wants out of the bag.  She has started digging to the bottom of a big bag of blocks trying to get out just the right one.  She won't take out the blocks in her way, instead she will spend quite a long time digging with her arm all the way down in the bag.  We also hear her say "I'll be right back" to her toys when she goes to get something and she has made her new "Izzy" doll fly.  (From Jake and the Never Land Pirates)

Here is Daddy reading to Kalea while watching Landon.  I like to call him "Super Dad" when he is handling both kids at the same time.
I love this look, I had to get a shot in while Pat was reading to the kids.
Another Super Dad moment.

Now on to the "Meet the baby shower".  I wanted a more casual get-together.  There were so many people expecting babies this fall, so I thought it would be fun for everyone to get together once Landon was already here.  I know one special person was happy to hold him.  Here is my Great Aunt Sheila (my Grandma Sylvia's sister).  She has always been like another Grandma for me, so she is basically a Great Grandma for my kiddos.  Technically she would be a Great-Great Aunt.  I am so appreciative that she wants to help represent my Grandma since I know how much my Grandma would have loved to experience all of these new babies.  I am glad some one so close to Grandma is able to be here for these wonderful memories.
My mom and sister did an amazing job (as usual) on the party.  The decorations turned out so cute and the food was great.  I am so happy to have such wonderful family.  I can't wait to return the favor for my sister when she has kids =)
I didn't take many pictures, I spent most of the time talking with everyone.  Here are a few shots I did get of people.  My best friend, her mom, and another Girl Scout buddy trying to figure out the guessing game.
Aunt Kristin sharing some coloring time with Kalea.
It was only after the shower was completely over that I realized I never got a shot of myself with my mom and sister.  I wish I had, but it is way too late for that now.  

I just wanted to throw this next picture in.  She is wearing a fabric basket from a play food set and she decided that for that day it would act as her hat.

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