Saturday, December 21, 2013

2 already!

In preparation for my baby girl turning 2, I have decided to include a look at her growing up these last 2 years.  I am busy prepping for her party tomorrow, so I figured I would get this done now so I don't run out of time tomorrow.  Kalea is more of a kid now then a toddler, with the "terrible 2's" in effect some of the time.  we are lucky that she hasn't been too grouchy yet.  

She is already a wonderful big sister, and she has only been one for 3 months now.  Her vocabulary continues to expand, now including commands like "do it myself" ( miss independent), and "Step up".  She recently started saying "yeah" in a very soft sweet voice.  She loves to dance, hum/sing, and hide under blankets and in closets.  Reading continues to be her favorite past-time, and her "Sully" ( Monster's Inc) stuffed animal is her constant bed time companion.  

For the most part, she is very well behaved whenever we go out shopping ("shopping!") or to dinner.  She is a great eater most of the time.  She loves other kids and babies, so hopefully that will work out for her as she starts daycare in January.  We have been very blessed to not have to have her out of our care these first two years.  I know that is priceless as she continues to grow at a too-fast rate.  

Pat and I are so proud of our daughter.  We love her and have enjoyed every second since we knew she was a speck on the ultrasound.  

Happy Birthday to the best little girl any parents could ever hope for!

Please enjoy a picture journey of her these last 24 months, one from each month plus her birth.

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