Friday, June 1, 2012

A Surprise Birthday Celebration

Over Memorial Day Weekend our family made a trip up to Las Vegas.  What would normally be a Girls Weekend turned into a mini-family reunion for my Moms side of the family.  Gma had a big birthday to celebrate!  My mom and her sisters tried to keep up the ruse of a girls weekend when in fact we had the entire family in town to celebrate.  Luckily despite a few slip-ups, Gma was completely surprised when every one just happened to be waiting for her.  

As she comes to the back of the restaurant, the ones that are not supposed to be there hide from view.
 The room we were in had low lighting so unfortunately I couldn't get a clear shot with my flash least you could tell she is surprised!
 Hugging all of the Heurkins crowd from Austin.
 Here is a shot with the flash...don't like it as much, but it is all I have!
 After lunch, we went upstairs to hang out with everyone and take some pictures.  My brother had to go back to work, my cousin Danny was still working and wouldn't arrive until the next day, and my cousin Jere is deployed overseas keeping us safe.  Luckily every one else was able to make it.

Here are the Grandkids who have kids.  All four of Gmas Great Grandkids in one spot!  This isn't going to happen too often unfortunately.  We took a bunch of pics and of course with 4 little ones, it was difficult to get every one looking.

From left to right we have Aydan (2 1/2), Owen (10 months), Kalea (5 months), and Hunter (7 months).  My cousin Jacque and Corrie are the other proud mommas.
 With the babies born in 2011!  
 All of the Grandkids and Great Grandkids present at the time...missing John, Jere, and Danny!  Lots of girls in this family =)
 Mr. Owen playing with his Uncle Keith's hat
 Hunter flirting with the camera
Kalea looking so intently 
Such a proud Great Gma!!!  We love you!!!
More pics to come from our pool time the following day.

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  1. So nice! Looking forward to the next blog That was great that all the grands (except Jere) and the great grands were there! Gma is a special lady!