Monday, March 14, 2011

Orange Blossoms

It's that wonderful time of year; you know, the birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and Spring is here!  Since I have spent the last 4 years of my life in New Jersey, I have missed out on my favorite part of Spring...Orange Blossoms!  I did, however, gain a new found appreciation for Spring and all the beauty that it brings.  It gets pretty depressing in the North East after months and months of no green on trees, dreary skies, and cold.  I think Spring is my favorite season in terms of nature.  (Summer can't be beat for activities though).

Oh, to smell an orange blossom.  I always knew it was my favorite smell in the whole entire world; but to not smell it for 4 years?  It really puts the little things into perspective.  I can say without doubt that it is by far the best smell anywhere.  Nothing beats driving towards my parents house with the windows down and smelling that great scent.  I will even just stand outside and take in the sweet aroma for a few minutes before I go inside.  Even the wonderful smell of my favorite foods cooking cannot compare, and I LOVE cooking smells.  (this was discussed with my food loving hubby earlier).  Just try to name a better smell.  Of course you can disagree, it just doesn't make you correct =)  Just kidding!  You are free to your opinion, you just won't be able to sway me in any other way.  Please share your favorite aroma!

I leave you with a pic (not mine) of the beautiful flower that brings the sweet smells of spring for just a short while here in California.  

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