Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jen's Baby Shower part 2...

I thought it would be a good idea to share some photos I took of the previously mentioned baby shower.  My awesome Girl Scout leader was the hostess of the party,  not to mention the future Grandmother.  Her beautiful decorating skills were perfectly done and very inspiring.  Everything was so cute!  

There are a lot of pics, it was difficult to not include these, so I decided to show a little bit of everything.  Starting with the table designs...

Cookie favors made by a good friend Jen and her mom

Moving on to other decorations.  I love the clothespins hanging the baby clothes!
Even the piano got spruced up!
Great idea!  Pictures of "moms" placed on the mantle...there were six total included.  Love the little touches!
The mom-to-be as a kindergartener!
Some of the gifts all wrapped up.  Starting with a beautiful diaper cake that was created by my wonderful friend Elizabeth.  You can go here to check out her blog.
Jen "opening" the diaper cake.  Her two wonderful friends looking on (including the diaper cake maker)
The gift Andrea, her mom, and I brought =)

A fun craft to keep people busy...
Great idea...decorate burp cloths!
Opening gifts...
Grandma and mom-to-be
Jen's friend Christy gifted a very creative "year of holidays" baby clothes!
Troop 408 celebrating together
Congrats Jen and Joey!!!  I can't wait for the arrival of your little girl!

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  1. yay thanks for posting all of the great photos Amy!