Saturday, February 21, 2015

Celebrating Sara and Emma

(Originally meant to publish in December, it never went through!  Baby Emma arrived January 24th). 

My older sister is expecting her first baby early next year so it was time to celebrate her.  I am so excited to be an Aunt and have my kids play with their new cousin.  

Here are just a few of the great moments from the purple and gray butterfly shower.

Sara with both Grandma's

Some of the decorations
These flower balls were saved from Sara's wedding and now have a little extra decoration added.  
My mom made this butterfly mobile and it turned out great!  We used it as part of the decorations for the party.
Soon-to-be daddy playing with Kalea.
Pat was a great help playing with Foredt.  They both happened to wear their Batman shirts.  I asked th to pose tough and this is what I got.
Kalea just made a new friend, and it was to fun to see them play together. You can see in this picture they were even holding hands.
Forest Mae a tower taller than himself, with his moms help.
Myself and Katie posing with Mommy-to-be.
We really enjoyed the party and showering Sara with gifts.  Now we can enjoy the holidays and then get ready gor Emma's arrival.

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