Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Jersey Trip

Over Easter we took a family trip to New Jersey.  It had been almost a year since our last visit, so it was long over due.  

Kalea loved the plane ride.  She was so excited, in the week leading up to our trip she kept saying she was going "in an airplane to see Mom-mom and Pop-pop!"  Here she is watching "Frozen" on our first leg on the way there.
We had a lay-over and had quite a walk to our next flight.  Luckily, they had moving walkways for us to get there quicker.  It is tough work traveling with two kids!

Kalea enjoyed our lunch break playing with her princess toys.
Our trip was way too short, so we didn't get to see every one we wanted to.  We enjoyed some quality grandparent time at the park (Landon's first swing).  

We also went to a Phillies game, which was Landon's first.  Kalea is still undefeated going all the way back to my pregnancy!  

Here is Kalea with Mom-mom Linda.
Kalea loved playing in the back yard, climbing up and down the steps, and playing with her Daddies old toys.
Here are some pictures from Easter taken by Pat's Aunt Dee.

We had a great trip.  I wish we knew when we could go again,  but it will definitely not be soon enough.

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