Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weddings, family, and more

In May, we had a lot of events going on with family and friends.  My good friend from college and Pat's cousin both got married on the same day.  I did not want to miss the wedding in California, so I stayed behind and let Pat take Kalea to New Jersey by himself (an adventure in itself).

Matt and his wife, Sarah were married in a beautiful ceremony in La Jolla, followed by a reception at the San Diego Zoo.  They also had a traditional Korean ceremony with family after the church ceremony.  Here we are at the entrance to the Elephant Odyssey.
My "alligator" table assignment.
My view during the reception.
My two guys, Mark and Matt.  
After the wedding, I headed out to meet up with my family in New Jersey.  I have gotten very bad at taking pictures on vacation, but I did get this one with two of the neighbor kids.  Hi Olivia and Greg!
Some cousin time with Aydan before by baby cousins high school graduation.
We went to an Angels' game this last June to celebrate my brothers 29th birthday.  Kalea loved walking around with her Aunt Sara.
Kalea loves to look at pictures of herself on the computer
In July, we went to a Ceramic museum where my mom volunteered to help do art projects with children.  We all went to help out and Pat even got to throw on the wheel for the first time, with my moms help.  I love this picture of Kalea watching her dad.
Ahhh, my mom and dad throwing together.
Not that you can tell by the picture, but Kalea was telling Pat the story that she was reading.  She was very good at summarizing, in her own words :)
Here is a 4 generation picture with my mom and Grandma.  
Pat and I took a mini camping vacation, just the two of us in Malibu.  We had such a good time relaxing. 
Here is one of my favorite pictures of Kalea.  She loves when the sprinklers are on in the yard.  This is from July 30th.  She is 19 months old and walking well on her own, has all of her teeth, and has a wonderful personality showing more and more.  She loves to explore, repetitive play, and making her opinion known.  She has become a very strong-willed, sweet girl.   She repeats everything we say, gives us kisses, and has just recently become scared of shadows in her room at night.  She loves her stuffed animal, Sulley, from Monster's Inc.  "Sofia the First" is one of her favorite shows, and she loves "Cars", "Monsters Inc," and "Toy Story."  She will tell us when she is "All done" eating, or playing, and knows how to ask for "HELP" when she is stuck or sometimes when she doesn't want to do something on her own.  She finally passed the 20 pound mark.

So many new things she has started to do this past year.  We love her so much, and are enjoying every moment watching her grow up, way too fast I might add.  I know for myself, I make sure to enjoy every snuggle I can when she is willing to let me hold her.  
She loves to do this move when she is investigating something a little closer.  She bends down and places her hands on her knees.  
One last picture of Kalea exploring in the back yard.

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