Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Skeletor no more!

We finally had our real Ultrasound done today.  What a great experience to have someone talk us through what we were seeing on the screen.  Detailed looks at everything from her heart, kidneys, cute little feet, to great profile shots of her face.  Most of these are self-explanatory with the description of what you are seeing right on the pic itself.  

Our tech had a hard time at first getting a good profile shot since she kept holding her hand over her face.  I guess she is going to be a real private little girl, or at least sleep like her Daddy does!

Just to confirm once is a girl =)

On to some body parts.  Here is her foot from the bottom...

The hand and arm is up next for 3 different looks...

And some of her profile again, with a view of her arm sometimes in the way.

To finish off the pics, a face shot at an angle.  This seems to me like one of those pics where sometimes you see it, and sometimes you wonder what in the world you are looking at.  It looks kind of like a mask like in "The Phantom of the Opera,"  but again only sometimes.  I hope you enjoyed a sneak peek at our little girl!

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