Tuesday, December 14, 2010

8 bottles of wine later...

Just a quick post stemming from a great week of food-and especially wine! It didn't seem like much as I was in the middle of it, enjoying it all; but it happened regardless. As Pat and I prepared for our Christmas trip to New Jersey, Pat piled in the wine bottles that had been stacked along the counter. (unasked might I add!) 1 week-8 bottles-lots of fun! It was pretty hilarious when I saw all of the bottles, especially since I know I drank a good amount of it; which of course led me to this post.

How it broke down:

Monday: Baked orzo, peas, and mushrooms, with an Australian Pinot Grigio: Yellowtail

Tuesday: Chicken and white bean (oops red bean since forgot the white at the store!) Chili, with another Australian Syrah: Yellowtail (can't beat a good deal at the store!)

Wednesday: day off from cooking (attended a Christmas dinner with a neighbor)

Thursday: great Rachel Ray recipe: Gnocchi with Sirloin, with Sauvignon Blanc: Yellowtail

Friday: left-overs! plus movie date =)

Saturday: Early Christmas dinner (see previous post) BEST WINE OF THE WEEK! Thanks to Dad: St. Supery red (don't remember type), Rutherford Hill Blend, Plus another red for cards (another no-name great deal at local store), and a great white wine: Ledger Wineries (I think!) this was our "while cooking wine."

Sunday: Girl Scout Christmas dinner for Amy, In-n-Out for Pat =)

Monday: first try at Risotto...loved it!!! with my first "BevMo" purchase...Rodney Strong Sauvignon Blanc

Needless to say, we had a great week of food, fun, and wine! Cheers!

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