Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

I don't know if it's just the nice fall weather or finally having a house to decorate, but I am so excited for Halloween this year! It has been a few years so I have really been looking forward to carving some pumpkins (and baking pumpkin seeds-yum!) Luckily I read an article out of a local event paper that highlighted a great family owned pumpkin patch in the area. Lavender Hill Pumpkin Farm is the place and it is in Fallbrook, CA. Only about 20 minutes from our house and we were in pumpkin wonderland!

I looked over their website before going and really thought it was a great choice since they were very low-thrills...just a good variety of home-grown pumpkins, and lots to choose from. What I really loved about the place was their quirky side. They had quite a few abnormal pumpkins and have named them all different and creative names.

The pumpkin "museum" with all of the named pumpkins

More of the named pumpkins

They named their pumpkins after all sorts of people, both real and made up. I saw a "Darth Vader," "Zeus," "Xerxes," "The Ugly Duckling," "Iago," and so on.

"Gargantua" the creamy one, and "Gort" the misshapen one, and

I can't remember the third one.

They have around 30 varieties of pumpkins to choose from which really makes your decision tough, especially if you are extra picky like me. I made Pat walk all over the pumpkin patch as I searched for the perfect large carving pumpkin, small carving pumpkins, and decorating pumpkins. In the front they had a bunch of small varieties to make your picking a little easier, which of course just made me want to buy even more.

I think this picture of the green and white pumpkin is my favorite type I found that day. Besides of course the "Cinderella" type which we will have to get next year.

My pumpkin I will carve into when we found it on our search.

Pat chose the perfect shirt for the day...Flyers started the pre-season today (I think) and a great orange color for the pumpkin patch. Though I don't know if he planned it like that.

2 pumpkins found so far...

Our bounty!

The guy told us all of the different varieties when we paid. Of course I don't remember them all but we did get a bumpy one that was a "Rumpelstiltskin" variety! Now we can start decorating for Halloween and Fall!

And I wanted to end with our adorable kitties...I take way too many pictures of them so I figured I might as well share one of them actually hanging out together. Happy October!

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